Welcome to the official Hunt: Showdown feedback site!

This site is a great place for you to talk to other Hunters and submit cool ideas that the developers might not have thought of - the best ones might even end up in-game!

Massive thanks for your help! We’re looking forward to reading your ideas. 

How to Provide Feedback

Please do not post any personally identifying information such as your age, email address, contact information, etc. Feedback which contains this information will be removed.

Using this site, you can suggest new features or share your opinion on others’ submissions by voting and commenting on their entries. Please be nice to each other.

To make it as easy as possible to track feedback, and to stop things getting too confusing, please try to keep each post about just one idea. That way, others can find and vote on your suggestions easily.

Bug reporting/technical issues

This is site is dedicated to your gameplay ideas, suggestions and feedback. If you encounter a bug (something that is not working as intended) we would ask you to either post a report on our Bug reporting forum on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/app/594650/discussions/3/ or to send a bug report to our support team at https://huntshowdown.kayako.com/

If you encounter a technical issue, such as being unable to launch the game, or receive any error messages, please contact our support team at the link above for further assistance.

Please note, any bug reports or requests that are support related will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding. 

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