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System to Stop or Discourage Camping

I've been following this game for a while now since it was announced and just recently the Closed Alpha has been released and lots of broadcasters have started streaming the game.

What I've noticed a bit from watching broadcasters is people camping outside the monster either before it has been killed or after the banishing, waiting for the players to run out so they can kill them. I understand to some extent this is an intended game mechanic but it can still feel pretty ****** for some players. I have an idea that could help to combat this from becoming a problem to game play.

What I'm proposing is a sort of "Terror" mechanic to at least somewhat punish the hardcore campers. What this would be is a mechanic that causes players, once they reach a certain threshold of "Terror", to begin screaming and yelling so as to alert players to their general location and discourage them from just camping all game. How it would work is that whenever a player stops moving around much and stays in a general area, maybe like a circular region around the player, or the players last location, they would start to generate "Terror". The player would only generate "Terror" if they didn't achieve a set of variables checked every so often maybe such as things like, attacking mobs, attacking the monster, setting traps. The only condition I'm not sure about having is attacking other players because then it might just serve no purpose, maybe check the variable of attacking other players more often than the others. "Terror" would be a visible thing to the player so that they know they either need to move to a different area completely or they need to start fighting monsters and doing things other than sitting in place.

I feel that a system like this would be the best way to combat campers without the need to change any of the major systems of the game. Going against campers in any game is never fun and this might help to stop it from plaguing this wonderful game.

Other than that one possible issue the game looks amazing and seems like it plays amazing from what I've seen.

Thanks for all your work on it!

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Sorry for the delayed response. We have implemented the dark sight boost a couple of updates ago to go against camping as well as give extra incentive to go after the bounty. Obviously we still want camping to be a valid tactic but with the dark sight boost it makes it a lot harder when they can be seen.


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    I've watched a stream where he spawned just next to the boss while playing solo and he decided to take a look around the map saying hes not gonna beat him on his own. Time has passed and after walking in circles he decided to take on the boss all by himself (after crawling for 10 minutes in the barn and listening for gunshots and footsteps). He then heard a gunshot so he hid for another 7 minutes and hoped the threat has vanished. After about couple of minutes of dueling the boss which is 20 minutes in total that he spent in that shed a guy with a shotgun pops up and oneshots the streamer.

    Perhaps there should be monsters, let's say "Seekers" spawning simultaneously that would start putting pressure on the players overstaying in one spot. Or maybe late in the game wolf packs should make appearance tracking players idling in the same position.

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