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System to Stop or Discourage Camping

I've been following this game for a while now since it was announced and just recently the Closed Alpha has been released and lots of broadcasters have started streaming the game.

What I've noticed a bit from watching broadcasters is people camping outside the monster either before it has been killed or after the banishing, waiting for the players to run out so they can kill them. I understand to some extent this is an intended game mechanic but it can still feel pretty ****** for some players. I have an idea that could help to combat this from becoming a problem to game play.

What I'm proposing is a sort of "Terror" mechanic to at least somewhat punish the hardcore campers. What this would be is a mechanic that causes players, once they reach a certain threshold of "Terror", to begin screaming and yelling so as to alert players to their general location and discourage them from just camping all game. How it would work is that whenever a player stops moving around much and stays in a general area, maybe like a circular region around the player, or the players last location, they would start to generate "Terror". The player would only generate "Terror" if they didn't achieve a set of variables checked every so often maybe such as things like, attacking mobs, attacking the monster, setting traps. The only condition I'm not sure about having is attacking other players because then it might just serve no purpose, maybe check the variable of attacking other players more often than the others. "Terror" would be a visible thing to the player so that they know they either need to move to a different area completely or they need to start fighting monsters and doing things other than sitting in place.

I feel that a system like this would be the best way to combat campers without the need to change any of the major systems of the game. Going against campers in any game is never fun and this might help to stop it from plaguing this wonderful game.

Other than that one possible issue the game looks amazing and seems like it plays amazing from what I've seen.

Thanks for all your work on it!

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Already implemented  ·  Adminjanneke (Admin, Crytek) responded  · 

Sorry for the delayed response. We have implemented the dark sight boost a couple of updates ago to go against camping as well as give extra incentive to go after the bounty. Obviously we still want camping to be a valid tactic but with the dark sight boost it makes it a lot harder when they can be seen.


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  • Pharaosa commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Once all of the clues are located, a timer should be set on the boss to force people to move. Camping will ruin this game..

  • SprayNpray1836 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So, I think a good way to hinder camping exits is to have moving exits, you already have the wagons and boats. Why not have them be moving around the map. Example, wagons can be more towards the middle of map and are moving but take longer to extract. The boat is at edge of map and moves around the edge and is quicker to extract.

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    in reality there is no camping, it's just tactical.
    This game is like reality .. we can do whatever we want it's SAND BOX gaming Tactical shooter (not even a bad FPS). No camping in here. U can't be in a corner and just wait people that will pass there. if u have fun like that .. who cares.

    Camping as any other activity in the game should not be disincentivated.
    Gaming needs to be free, let people have fun as they want.
    I don't care of campers, I just go hunt them. There are no rules in war.

  • Lazerz.mvh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think if a player stays in a area for a prolonged amount of time you can see their silhouette in dark vision. I think 10 minutes would be fine to many times I have been at a stand off knowing the team is in the boss room waiting to shoot me with a shotgun if I enter.

  • MarshmalloWolf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know there have been ideas about how to counter camping, but I just had an idea that I think fits. My idea is to have a portal (kind of like the clue portals) spawn near a player that hasnt moved much for too long. This portal would spawn a grunt or something to get the camping player to move or at least make a little noise while killing it.

    Players on the ground will see grunts digging up from the ground, players in the water will see hissing bubbles where the grunt spawns, and players on the roof or upper levels will see grunts crawling out of a portal.

  • zerosoulll commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tactics considered cheese get old very quick and draw people away from the game. I have no problem maintaining good K/D or winning but this feels *******d and cheap. Im not here to slaughter people since there are tons of better games centered around that.. Im here to hunt and the hunting aspect seems like a joke at the momment. I mean GUI tells you eveything no matter of your own progress and how joke of a hunter you are. Welcome to Hunt Showdown, just check your map and camp away! :)

  • zerosoulll commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    According to campers logic its all fine if 10 players just sit doing nothing for 55 minutes, then run away to see anonther day over and over again. Imaging every single game from now on looks like that since all of the players just wait doing nothing. Brilliant right? Will you cry much if there will be nothing to camp for anymore? Cant you see how r*tarded that it? Game currently gives you all the info for free, so you dont even have to do any tracking on your own and thats what hunting really is. To track something and hunt it down. Your camping logic fails unless there is someone that actually wants to track you down or goes for the objective and not to camp for the entire game. People are gonna leave this game cause its quite boring cause of that so thats whats gonna happen sooner then later. Unless they give us valid tracking mechanics to hunt down those wannabe hunters this game is gonna fail eventually.

  • billytheold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Deployable scarecrow idea:

    What if there would be scarecrows standing around on the map in form of hunter clothing stuffed with haybarrels and sticked into the ground on a wooden stick.Maybe the scarecrow would even only consist of a upper body form + cowboy hat stuffed with hay without having any legs sticked on a wooden stick into the ground so that you could pull it out of the ground when grabbing the wooden stick , run around with it in your hands and deploy it elsewhere where ever you want by sticking it into the ground again behind cover to trick enemy campers into shooting at it and therefore giving away their position.You could also carry it around with you holding it up in the air on the wooden stick while you are crouch-walking,so that only the upper body of the scarecrow would look out of the cover while you are full in cover, to bait some shoots and simulate the scarecrow moving like a player.

    As additional value it would add to the game that you never can be sure if you see a silhouette if it is another hunter or only a scarecrow, which would add additional mind games to the game. And after you shoot the scarecrow its head would fall off, which would make you notice that you shoot at a scarecrow and not another player.

    But make the scarecrows already standing around on the map when you enter the game and do not make them buyable in the shop.So that you can just walk up to it and grab it, like hammers or lanterns.
    Maybe it should also be craftable by finding clothing, hay, wire and a wooden stick on the map when the crafting system is in place.


    The scarecrows could be dressed up lorewise by the locals in hunter clothes with the intention of scareing wild animals and/or monsters away from their property.

  • Appoh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Camping is a huge aspect of tactical gameplay, this isn't call of duty. I love the idea of camping to hunting down players slowing waiting for the right time to strike

  • OverlordMactire commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ive been watching a lot of gameplay and noticed camping has become a very common thing. I have no personal issues with camping accept it has pretty much no risks so i was thinking if someone stays in a specific area for a bit it causes monsters to spawn nearby that target them. this still lets you camp but it makes it a risky plan

  • Destabilizator commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So did you actually play the game or just watched lame streamers?
    Any hunter worth their salt will start banish and go counter-camp, ofc if everyone in the match knows where banishment is taking place, what are they supposed to do? Go there and try to nail you as you try to leg it with the bounty.

  • killer-instinct commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    - clue are on a mini boss... they need to kill him for get it.

    allow make noise more often in the map :)

    - players can't see where is the BOSS without taking 3 clues even if another team find him.

    to require players to do the objectif

    when a team have bounty, they can't be spotted by dark sight

    - require players to look everywhere and not just camp or follow blue light.

    remove marker of others exits when server start, players need to find other exit by themselves

    players with bounty are the only able to see where are the 3 exits

  • chasind commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I sit and wait from time to time; but this is called Hunt, not Run & Gun. Hunting involves stealth above all else.

  • TheNerdberry commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    "Terror" sounds weird and the idea doesn't fit into the game. Alternative: a bunch of mosquitos slowly gathering at the camped place and after a while maybe even starting to poison/damage the campers would go nicely with the world of Hunt.

  • zerosoulll commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Saying that camping is a part of the hunt is beyond ********. Its just a game and the game to be successfull needs a solid playerbase. Even the most hardcore campers will get bored eventually with this 60 minutes stalemates and everyone else will be long gone before that. Camping itself is not an issue unless the game mechanics makes it into one, and this game is full of them at the momment. Bounty radar WTF? Boss location even without any clues collected? Bisnishing notification even when 1000000 miles away? Exit locations, ammo carts marked on minimap? ITS A TRACKING GAME WITHOUT ANY TRACKING since you doesnt have to do **** but wait out for otherts to find boss/kill boss. This game should be about tracking, clues, puzzles and all we have now is just opposite of that.

  • Gunnte commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do not know if this has been brought to light as an idea, But maybe the Bounty should buff the Hunter carrying it. Then you will get the upper hand if you engage and kill the boss. And it will be harder for the "Campers" to pick you off as you exit. It could be something like a "Dark Shield" That absorbs a couple of shots, Or a boosted Health regeneration. Or something like this. I think the lightning is a good part of the game, It's really exciting chaseing someone down.

    Kind regards.

  • DeKrieg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The bounty while it's being carried should give it's carrier a bonus effect, discouraging players from waiting at the exits and going for it during the banishment process instead.

    Something that starts weak but the longer the player is carrying it the stronger it becomes. It resets when dropped.

    And it should be 2 different powers, one for each bounty so that it's at its strongest when moving as a pair.

    For example

    One could give a regeneration effect to fully restore your health, but the rate of regeneration grows every X seconds they are carrying the bounty

    The other can allow the player's darksight to pick up living players, but the range it can see is initially limited to something small like 5 metres. But every X seconds it grows by Y metres.

    Both powers together work well, one player can be more aggressive and tank while the other cannot fire back but can spot camping players and eventually know how many players are still alive.

    A solo player will be forced to pick only one and they wont know which bounty is giving which ability.

    This would mean attacking the hunter's at the exit point would be potentially the hardest point in terms of their strength but they are forced to stay in the very limited area while attacking them during the banishment they have more room to move around and act but have no abilities.

    It could also be balanced with a bounty curse, depending on the boss killed maybe the bounty over time starts to draw more and more of certain types of monsters to the players, to stop them from intentionally delaying their movement and make the final confrontation more interesting. It also might encourage different playstyles earlier. If you know you'll be drawing a lot of Hive Queen's after killing the spider, perhaps players will go out of their way to kill them on their way to the boss so they know they have a route clear of hive queens to follow back to the exit.

  • FrontlinerNL commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    First of all the game is called Hunt, you don't hunt a rabit in real life running up to it. If they are introducing a anti-camping mechanic in this game, say goodbye to Solo players. And i don't agree with scopes, A part of anti-camping mechanic is restricting the gun range in my oppinion, The lightning is a bit to much, i agree with that but i think players should be giving the lightning penalty if they are rushing or killed players instead..

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