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Treasures around the map

Collectable money cases or small bounties around the map that are hidden in places where they are being guarded by monsters or they need certain objectives to be revealed i think this would be great because if u didnt get the main bounty u would still be able to get out with something so the game wouldnt be just win and lose even tho thats what it saids just an idea

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Already implemented  ·  Adminjanneke (Admin, Crytek) responded  · 

We have added cash registers that players can loot around the map in update 3.0! Also you can loot other hunters you kill for a chance of a money reward. Obviously you’ll still need to get out of the map safely to secure that bounty ;)


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  • Spagyi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sounds like a bad idea. The game is centered around finding clues and killing bosses, meanwhile earning cash. Any other objectives would just distract the main flow of the game and ruin the whole, objective-centric gameplay. Main objectives and simplicity is what makes this game a truly unique and brilliant, one of a kind gem, and creating HUNT and SHOWDOWN instead of players avoiding fights and searching for stupid treasures. This game is not about treasure hunting, it is about bounty hunting. No place for treasures, no place for gimmicky, stupid things. Rituals, summoning, what is going on? Why do we want to ruin the pure skill, pure positioning, pure gunplay as we love it. Dig your treasures elsewhere. Cheers. Good hunting!

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes I proposed a Alternative bounty RITUAL on an Altar animation, we pre buy in shop the magic items (max 4 for higher bounty) or minimum 2 items or find them in the map after particular search or kill and then operate the ritual where we find the altars, in church or whatever.

    Please add the Animation, and just show a STRIKING thunder when the ritual is completed not when the players carry these kind of bounties (only with boss ones keep it as it is or improve it).

  • coldhorse commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like the idea of finding little treasure loots that were stashed by "previous hunters" who's clues of said treasure whereabouts you can find on their corpses. Maybe not give cash but maybe ammo/consumables/exp. Least it'll give incentive to explore the game map a bit even if it isn't in bounty zone.

    Or how about rare books that can give a random trait ? That might be dumb but just throwin it out there.

  • WikiTiki126 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Giving money this way will discourage players from fighting the boss and engaging in combat if you go for all the clues and some other money there would be no value with extracting from a bounty... You can't take away players from the map and make this game boring because you can't kill people at a real Obj.

  • billytheold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think you should find at least one time consumables in form of glassbottles with strange looking fluids in them to drink:


    (or something simular), guarded by more dangerous elity monsters on the map which mix the game a little bit up, without beeing totaly op at the same time.So that every round feels a little bit different depending on the glassbottles/"magic" drinks you find in this round.

    What i really would love to see is "magic" drinks which let you transform into a animal creature for a short amount of time, to scout the environment:

    - fox (low profile,very fast running speed, nightsight)

    - ape(low profile,able to climb up walls,able to steal ammo and dynamite from enemy players)

    - eagle (able to scout from above)

    I think that would add a lot of cool gameplay situations to the game.Like stealing dynamite form a enemy player as little ape/monkey(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q1MyVUze8M), then climbing up a building and killing the enemy player as ape by throwing his own dynamite at him. Or transforming into a fox,eagle to run/fly faster and are able to catch up to a enemy team wich is running to the extraction point. And the enmy player can kill you while you are in animal form.And it would totaly fit to the vibe of the game given how american natives(indians)have all those spiritual storys of transforming into animals.

    Or a consumable which lets you jump 6-10 meter high for a few times so that you can jump on rooftops or into first floor windows from the ground.Maybe those consumables would transform you lorewise for a short time into a vampire so that you get red glowing eyes and sharp teeth comming out of your mouth.

    Stuff like that to find on the map could be really cool and would be limited at the same time because you have only 4 consumable slots max.So that there would be trait of situations of the more consumables you take with you in the round, the less of those glassbottles consumables you can equip in game.So that people would try to go into the match with packmule but with no consumable at all to collect 4 glassbottles and succsessfully extract them out of the round for later use in one of the next rounds.They should only make it that way that you can only extract with those glassbottles/magic drinks when you have the bounty at the same time,or elsewise people would just find a few of them and then leave the round.

  • JuX88 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This wouldn't really work, besides there is a reason you get money out of clues. Whole idea is to take risks for rewards.

  • GamesterJamesFC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If this is implemented i don't believe that you should be able to keep the smaller bounty if you die. However it would be interesting if it was a bonus to keep for getting out alive.

  • McSnicker21 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    One this that should be to hard in the make the clues more of a "hot" zone for AI. Causing players to make more noise and add risk to getting all of the clues, but increase the amount gained per clue gotten.

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Make the altars and the ritual possible with items we have to collect in the map and some that can buy in the shop (previously reading what is the altar in the map about)
    all this to do what?

    To collect after the ritual an alternative BOUNTY.


  • KeatonB commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This Is a big thing for me aswell. I find this game needs other ways to engage the player besides the boss bounty.

    It most definitely needs to be fun and rewarding while hunting the boss and bounty. But it also needs to be that before your at that stage of the match. It's definitely not going to be easy creating a fun rewarding and engaging PvE element into this game, and still have players drivin to the main focus (The Bounty) and not stray away from it all together. but finding that balance is what I believe will send this game to the top charts and make it a game that will last.

  • MaTP069 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I commented on something similar in another thread, but I feel it warrants repeating here as well. This is probably my biggest complaint with this game so far, don't get me wrong my buddies and I love it, but I think these sorts of additions will make the game a near perfect for me. With matches on average lasting 20 to 40 minutes and most of that is just walking from one end of the map to the next, there needs to be even more risk reward to keep me invested. Right now, I think there is a decent risk reward system in place and having low odds of running into other people definitely builds suspense; however, sometimes it can just be long and frustrating. Sure you get some money and xp even if you die, but you could spend a whole game not running into anyone, another team gets the bounty with an extract right next to them, and you get very little to show for that potential half an hour you just spent. With more to do on the map, like rare items to find, mini-bosses to fight, side objects, or even random drops from certain enemies, will make each game have higher stakes. It would be a relatively simple change and make this massive map even more exciting to explore.

    I think PvE is a bigger priority in my opinion, since it will make each match less about wandering from waypoint to waypoint, and more about exploring and surviving. Granted there needs to also be a stronger incentive to complete the main objective, like not being able to extract until it's banished or something, so people wouldn't only focus on side objectives. It also just would justify having all these interesting buildings and locations, since right now they're just empty with no reason to explore outside getting the clues.
    (Crafting with loot found on the map would also be awesome)
    Overall, I really like how different this game feels and just think a few tweaks here and there will bump this game from great to a must play.

  • billytheold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    The taste of people can be very different, as you can see perfect in this forum.When are enemy monsters too difficult? When are they to easy? How much player should be on the map?It really depends on the person playing the game.The Developers in this game really do not have it easy, because with their fuse out of PVE and PVP elements in this game,they try to appeal to 2 different audience (maybe even 3 if you count the people who want PVP and PVE to be both difficult).

    Game can be great in some rounds and can be very boring in other rounds.In the one round you kill the entire server and feel great, in the next round you run around 20 minutes without finding anyone or your game crashes 20 min in and you lose your character.
    Sure thats on the one side a strength that every round plays slightly different, but i personally dont need the rounds where you see 20 minutes nobody or only 1 other team (and that happens sadly to often, at least for my taste).

    Often you hear shoots in another compound and when you run over there then the enemy team is already gone and already moved on to the next compound.

    For my taste it would feel perfect if you would meet, at least, in every 3rd compound, you visit, a enemy team.But at the moment that is definitely not the case.For my taste (and after reading this forum,talking to others and watching streamer)it seems that many other player seem to see it simular,the enemy density is in most rounds just to low at the moment.

    I really hope they introduce different difficulty modes and different servers sizes soon.A few server with, at least 8 teams on the map would be great.So that the people who want to have more player on the map, can have that.


    It would also great if there would be a in game message when they turn down the servers.Not everybody follows their twitter feed.Such things as server shutting down needs to have a warning message in game, especially if you lose your character if you do not exit the round before server shut down.Almost nobody has the entire time
    while playing the game, their twitter feed up on a 2nd screen.

    I find it also kind of strange that you cant invite your buddy in the round in a team based shooter (features seems still to be bugged).
    I thought such things as inviting your friend in the game would be fixed first in a team based game like that.

    Again game could be great, but only if they allow different modes and difficulty settings.

  • enjdusan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    To be honest I have a blast playing Hunt right know. It feels well balanced, sometimes you don't encounter anyone, sometimes you have gunfight against two other teams.
    Every game feels bit different.

    I'm not against making more game modes (4 teams, bigger maps with more players, etc.) but I do really love the current state. Just me and my buddy lurking thru the swamps, watching and hearing environment and one shot other hunters heads :)

  • fictionizzer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The roadmap indicates that they are planning on bonus objectives. Not sure what exactly this is suppossed to mean.

    But I like the concept of additional objectives and rewards.

  • billytheold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    I never have in any of my posts here advocated towards less pvp in this game.Rather the opposite. I have made multiple posts and topics like this one here for example:


    which i made a while ago where i still had my old account name "clint northwood", with which i strangely cant access or login on this side anymore .

    Where i suggest increasing the number of players on the map up to between 16-20 per round. I also want to see a separate game mode where everybody starts with the same weapon and can buy in the round better weapons after killing enemy players and monsters. Which doesnt need to be like a battle royal game mode but maybe rather like how counterstrike works in terms of weapon acquisition, not so much in overall round length or structure.But i can understand that they first want to make a impression by the players with their unique game mode they have now. But i strongly suggest to add for release another mode which has a strong focus on pvp.To please both sides.

  • slain11 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    a weapon box random placement on map only one so will give hunters something else to do and not just camp and wait for an easy kill

  • enjdusan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There will be always players that are playing just for PvP if this game allows it and I don't have a problem with that. Actually, I like that, I love that freedom you have. Have u lost one health bar by some stupid mistake to fire zombie? No problemo man, just extract and go another match. You know what I mean...
    I do enjoy killing other hunters too because headshot player is always better to feel than headshot NPC zombie.
    Even if you lower/cancel bounty/XP for killing other hunters, you will not discourage others doing that. And please, don't do that. Other hunters are just obstacles like other zombies to the ultimate goal of killing the boss and fleeing with its bounty so players should get XPs for killing others.

  • billytheold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Centrality of mission is already none existent:

    - people come already only in the game to farm monsters and then extract again.
    - people come already in the game to farm only other players in pvp without trying to fight the boss at all.

    That just lies in the nature of the permadeath mechanic.Especially now with the rebalance of the store prices (which was a good thing to do = less dynamite spam).Everybody plays the game in a way which he/she finds least risky for losing the own character.

    If they want to change that then they had to raise the shop prizes even more and at the same time make sure that the players can aford the items they need only by killing the bosses and/or extracting with the bounty.But that would on the other side discourage many player from playing the game, if they get locked into item starvation, because they are not good enough to extract with the bounty at all. There needs to be a place for players who are not that good (yet!), but love to play the game nevertheless.Some easy way to earn at least a fraction of the income, more skilled players would.If they do not want to seperate the skill levels by a matchmaking algorithm, which i would not advocate for because it would make it less interesting having only player of the same skill range in one round, then they need sideactivitys like killing monsters for xp and/or finding treasures for those kind of players.

    When you want to heave a higher enemy player density, then the easiest and most reliable way to reach that would be to simply raise the amount of players in one round.At the moment there are only 4 enemy teams on a map with 15 large compounds.How often do you find at the moment no players at all while playing the round and are
    asking yourself:"Where did they all go"?


    Treasures would be located in, under and around the same locations, the clues are also located in.So they can be collected on the go while finding the clues.Easiest and less contrived way to do that,without player sidetracking to hard, would be deploying bull's eyes on the map hanging on ropes from timber beams and tree branches.
    For each bulls eye you shoot(you dont have to collect it,just shoot at it) you get a certain amount of a secondary currency (not dollar) which then can be exchanged by mysterious looking old funfair fortune teller machines like this one:


    for special fluids in glass bottles:


    which would come out of the machine after pulling a lever, dependent on the amount of bulls eyes you hit.

    Content of those bottles could be fluids created by witches and witchdoctors who are one time consumables which
    change the properties of your character for a certain amount of times like:

    - transforming into a animal for a short amount of time to scout the environment (fox (low profile,faster running, nightsight), ape(low profile,able to climb up walls,able to steal ammo and dynamite from enemy players),eagle (able to scout from above))

    - ability to see the approximit(not exact) position of a random enemy team for a short amount of time and letting the enemy team know that they are beeing watched for x minutes,with a timer.

    - run,dash fast or jump high for x amount of charge times.

    - ability to get back your before burned hp bars in the round.

    - ability to teleport to the position you throw the bottle at.

    or simular stuff.


    If you want to make it more skillbased then you could let the player also search in procedural generated rooms, hidden behind secret entrances(in the ground and behind wooden planks in the basements), for treasures.

    Those rooms had a partwise randomized amount of monsters and traps in them, like explosive barrels hanging from ropes down into the room and zombie dogs walking between those barrels and trying to surround you so that you had to kill the dogs fast while they running at you without hitting the explosive barrels orelse you
    would cause a chainreaction of explosions and would die, or torch zombies throwing their torches at you and the exploisve barrels(torch zombies should anyway be able to throw their torches!).Entrances to those mini dungeons could be holes in the ground, which look endless deep and lead to those mini
    dungeons under ground. You had to commit and jump in and would land in the middle of the room without knowing what to expect (randomized rooms) before you jump in.And could leave the dungeon again through in the ground hidden entrances like this one:


  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This idea must be developed:
    _ I like the idea of "centrality" of mission for all the 8 players.
    I don't want some to come in the game just to find treasure and go out (or maybe it is better to make this possible)
    - I'd like this idea could be flashed out so that ALL can access all: but the best is to keep the game simple.
    Just connect these treasure to sounds and "sixth sense" if a player develops this trait (you can even make it into a trait) the player \team will be more able to sniff these treasure positions.

    Maybe you can locate in the map or on bodies some clues for finding these treasures.
    Or just dnt tell us anything.

    Yes u could make a market available where we can resell a Shark Tooth, a bat claw etc.. to get "money". we will find these "treasures" AKA TRADABLE items inside stilt houses... so the more one "scavanges the map" the more one risks the more might get rewards. It's up to you to make it acceptable. (DO NOT spray every house with items) Do not make a house infested = house with treasure.

    Make it IMPOSSIBLE to be read\understood\forecasted.

    Keep the game simple as it is. It is freaking amazing.

    Never tell if the players in the players are dead or not, this makes the game amazing.

    I have an idea about this!!

    MAke this: In the map you make Arae\altars: zones where sacrifices or rituals can be done: so the players can decide they are going to make a ritual or not (that is the treasure). When the ritual is completed something appears from the "other world" and the bounty is collected. When the ritual is completed thunders and other visual effects in nature will show the players that A RITUAL has been completed: a bounty is available someone has it... etc.

    I will write a specific IDEA for this!!

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