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Incentive to stay on the map


Add items that can be attained for additional bounty.

Examples: Seals, trinkets, parchment, maps, hex bags, artifacts, and even non-tangibles which might be used to unlock the location of a bonus boss for those who are persistent enough i.e. carvings, infection hot-spots, and trails. I would prefer these be found organically NOT by using dark sight. Rather being pushed to explore the map and placed by random generation each match.

The items could be added to your library. This expands the lore and sets the tone for the world we play in. It also adds a bit of much needed coin to your pockets.


This could fix some underlying issues with the game.

1. Bored Hunters
(a.) Moving around the map organically looking for clues will inevitably cause run ins with other players, and monster AI.
(b.) Flesh out the story (pun intended)
(c.) Removed tunnel vision and allows the exploration of the beautiful Crytek engine in action.

2. Broke Hunters
(a.) Items found will be turned in for coin at the end of each match.
(b.) Add a cash reward for killing other hunters to keep the hunt on.
(c.) A bonus boss could be the only way a solo player is able to collect a large bounty.


In my experience the game has some tough to escape loops which can lead to a sour experience. In my experience (primarily solo.. but not always) I run in, grab a couple of clues, and push for the boss. If the boss is being killed, I push those hunters. If they happen to be too far along in banishment, I don't typically take a chance on losing a hunter to a currently overpowered dark sight ability ( I know I said it...). It makes more sense to grab as many kills as I can and push to an extraction point and collect 50 bucks. There are moments when this game is palm sweatingly intense and wonderful and there are others when it's boring and painstakingly repetitive.


Good lord there are too many crows.. I've never walked by a group of crows who just automatically cawed at me. :)

This game is going to be amazing. Thanks for the hard work guys. Also my resume is available upon request :)

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  • CryptLord commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great idea, since right now players are pushed to run from a predetermined point to another without having any reason to explore and interact with big parts of the map. I'm not sure about the secret boss, since it would distract players too much ingame and create less occasions to converge and interact, but more exploration and change of paths would be welcome!

  • HollowCasper commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like your side notes, but not only that. This is a great idea to add a bit more depth into the game as well as another way to add money. You chose if you want to gamble and go for the extras bits and pieces. Or, just grab the bounty and leave.

  • Jsin55 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree wholeheartedly about having more stuff on the map to reward players. One of the worst issues facing this game (imo) is this whole grunt farming meta. The game isn' any fun when all but like 3 other players extract super early and/or avoid any confrontation. It could also help with the super puative money system currently in the game. I just got to lvl 40 and I still only ever use the stupid winfield/machete combo because I am so worried about money. It would be alot more fun mix it up with some of the cooler guns sometimes...

  • Shakaron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As far as I understand, the game as is, right now runs on dedicated servers. For this reason, having an incentive to linger longer on the server than needed is probably not what the developers want as it means they need to increase the number of servers.

    However, this could be circumvented by allowing only a limited number of additional "treasures" to be picked up and carried on you to the exit.

    So it would allow more things to do/collect, but would not make you stick on the server for the whole 1 hour hogging the server "unnecessarily".

    When the game model changes and/or more servers would be available, sticking around for the whole duration may not be a problem anymore.

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