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Lootables found in Match

Be able to find weapons or consumables in the match, I've seen a few ideas for a backpack of some sorts. I think it would be nice to find weapons or gear (low Tier maybe very rare middle tier) just to add incentive to loot buildings and search every nook and cranny for extra gear. Gives a reason for getting your trousers soggy.

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  • Shakaron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't feel like looting everything fits into the style of this game.

    What you can find around the word helps you survive (health kits, ammo, some melee weapons, traps, etc). These do not really steer you away from the goal of the game: find the clues, find the boss, kill them, banish them, get the bounty tokens and try to get out alive. Or try to do the same for the 2nd bounty (2nd boss).

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