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Weapon balancing

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  • bql10 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    TL;DR - Shotguns are too powerful compared to other firearms, buff regular guns
    Firearms (except shotguns) need to deal more damage.
    Right now it needs 2-4 shots (depending on the weapnon), even on short distance. Apart from this making feel guns like BB guns and gunfights last forever (unless someone hits a headshot or rushes with shotgun/machete) which makes game kind of anticlimatic, as other things in the game give it "hardcore" feeling, it also makes one strategy stronger than any others.
    Shotguns don't kill at all on long range, but closing in on an enemy is just too easy - even if You hit enemy a few times he's still going, and then all You need to do is press a button, as missing with shotgun from close range is almost impossible.
    My idea to fix that is buffing damage taken from bodyshots and maybe some kind of *********** system - if someone hits an arm and there is body behind of it, in real life bullet goes through the arm and also hits the body, while in the game it feels like hand is an impenetrable shield.

  • holmesc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    poison bomb is not viable. Most would rather use molo or a plain dynamite.

    Why use poison if you can burn ? And why burn/poision if the insta kill radius is huge with a dynamite (and cheap too!)

    I'd say rework poision bomb as a trip wire so it doesn't kill you and gives you a chance to retreat but at the same time punishes you for not being vigilent .

  • the_kwillis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There needs to be something added to dynamite and grenades being thrown. Many times it wont animate until its like 4 feet away from you, and you can't hear the fuse or anything until its way to late and there is no time to react. Needs to be easier to see the throw coming from player or louder fuses

  • Ninjanobi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Saber Rework would be nice. Right now the saber only has thrust attacks, and its a slashing weapon, its damage feels really low also, I think more damage and slashing animation would increase the playability and feel of the saber.

  • kisbiflos commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Some idea that could bring new depth in shotgun balance.

    First of all, overall damage and spread needs to be reduced a bit. If the spread is tighter it is harder to hit enemies on close range anyone who played with the pretty realistic shotguns of Red Orchestra and Insurgency experienced this. Damage needs to be so that on average shotguns down enemies in 1 hit up to 3m and 2 hits up to 7, but not ALL the shotguns.

    Second thing. Shoguns need to be categorized on one more way in order to be balanced.
    My idea is to implement new shells. But NOT new ammo pickups. How much ammo a player receives depends on what shell type he uses. Shell types are NOT interchangeable. More on this below.

    Buckshot (0 Buck): 13 pellets medium dmg/pellet, dmg drop based on barrel length.
    Caldwell Rival, Romero 77 (simple), Talon, Hatched

    Buckshot (000 Buck): 8 pellets, high dmg/pellet, dmg drop based on barrel length.
    Spectre Bayonet. Romero Hatchet, Spectre long, Caldwell Sawed-off.

    Buckshot (4 Buck): 20-24 ish pellets, low dmg/pellet, dmg drop based on barrel length, applies bleeding damage.

    Crown Auto 5, Spectre Sawed-off, Caldwell Rival (new variant)
    Romero 77 Hand Cannon (20 gauge) (making it the only small/pistol sized shotgun, faster reload)

    Spread size(s) stay related to barrel length.
    Weapons could get a new damage drop modifier based on the new shell types as well.
    The less pellets there are in a shell the more damage they do and less damage drop they have.
    This way *********** could be re-balanced as well.
    Some sawed off shotguns would have very sudden drop, while long Spectre could be 4 shots to kill (on Hunter) on 20 meters (for example). Make the Crown Auto into something that can take care of 2 players at best instead of 4.
    This means prices would need some adjustments as well.

    If you pick up ammo and you happen to have 2 shotguns that use different shells, you would get for example 4 shells for the Romero Hand Cannon and 2 for the Caldwell Rival. This would be the only type of ammo that is not interchangeable all the time.

    I think this would really mix up the meta and give some shotguns a "character," while also solving the issue that ALL shotguns are instant kill on short range.

    Remember, this is just an idea, of course it needs to be worked on.

  • kisbiflos commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Really needs a buff. It is basically a crossbow, with all the advantages of crossbows removed. I mean it has non-recoverable ammo and it is not silent. While it leaves you with all the drawbacks of a crossbow, which are slow reload, slow projectile, significant projectile drop.

    My suggestions:

    +guaranteed one shot kill on direct hit

    +bolts cause minor damage bleeding even if they miss (shotgun shells explode in all directions without a barrel)

    +pellets should penetrate walls, not instant kill this way (making it a great weapon to damage people who stand in window frames)

    +reduce it's price just like you promised already, good one.

    -less ammo

    -even slower projectile
    -even worse drop on the projectile

    OR instead of these two nerfs above
    - projectile gets a random cone spread so it is harder to aim over 15m range. (basically a simple accuracy nerf)


    OR just scrap (large)crossbow variants entirely and make it possible to buy and take special bolts for the original crossbow. Something like a "pack of shotbolts/explosive bolts" consumable with 4-6 shots.

  • Vosmug commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Can we make the Nitro useful again? I cannot see any reason to run it over the Sparks when it does the same thing only costing way more and having significantly less ammo. It used to be fun to use the Nitro but now every time I run it I mas well just use a Sparks for long range shots and a shotgun for close range because the Nitro is now basically just a Sparks but worse in almost every way. If you get a headshot with a Nitro you could have done the same with any other rifle, and easier at that, and still get the kill. The Nitro is straight up useless for PvP at this point and I never see it because right now it pales in comparison to everything else. Either give it back its range, no DOF on the peep sight, or more ammo because the combo of all 3 nerfs makes it irrelevant in the game as is.

  • Boredman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The devs don't want to acknowledge that they have fundamentally flawed weapons in the game that leads to unbalanced gameplay. They need to pull the nitro, the sparks and the avtomat but can't because they have been in too long. All we are going to get is a few reworked existing weapon models that are called "new" and the lowest of efforts to try and rework performance that is another key problem to the unbalanced weapons.

    If you call a game that has a tiny core of players with 2.5-3.0 k/d balanced you are joking yourself - they are riding this horse into the ground as the player base shrinks below 1700 average players online and teasing a new map while the current one is so broken along with selling out to xbox reeks of desperation in my opinion.

    The only way they can save themselves is to pray that the game does well on the xbox so they can fund some changes

  • VonBratwurst commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I Have owned and played the game since ea-release, even encouraged others to buy the game. Because of its unique gameplay, graphics potentiel, time era etc. etc.
    Now I am writing this feedback out of frustrations and worries.

    -Latest and earlier weapon patch nerfs regarding ammo dump has nearly ruined the mid-late game weapons, as others also have complained about. Please either stat-nerf weapons - Recoil, reload time, damage, range, movement etc. - or rework/remove the weapons, such as the Avtomat. At the very least announce some "usefulness" with traits, such as "ammobelt" or "iron shoulder" which other community members already suggested. But imo, balancing weapons through traits doesn't seem like the "healthiest" way to balance a game, and will properly only give more troubles later on in the development.

  • CaptainBadruk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I mean, the higher price tag for these guns is already supposed to act as their balancing agent so why make them so much less useful for more than one firefight? It doesn't feel great having to scrounge for 15 minutes try to recover bullets for a medium gun as it is, especially as in most engagement distances a compact weapon performs almost as well. There needs to be a strong reason to take a 500$ pistol or people wont take it

  • CaptainBadruk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I feel the recent ammo changes announced in the devs livestream (2.5 I believe) are the wrong way to try and balance the weapons. The end game firearms (Dolch, Avtomat, Uppercut, etc) are supposed to be better than the starting guns, that's what creates the positive feedback loop that keeps players coming back to play the game time and again. With the decreased ammo counts it seems likely that players will be even less likely to engage in firefights than they already are, especially given how little ammo you recover from boxes for medium and long ammo. I think that the ammo counts for the guns they proposed changing are fine as is except for the auto-5. Perhaps it would be better to buff the beginning weapons ammo capacity or function instead of nerfing the end game content into uselessness?

  • potsblitz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    maybe buff the nagant carbine to 30dmg, as the reload is terribly slow and its more expensive than the shotty and the winfield, wich both are superior.

  • kaltertod commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Leave the Ammo alone, and just up the recoil. New test server makes certain weapons useless

  • potsblitz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    by nerf i mean increase it by a lot, Medium ammo from a little singlehanded device should kick like a lot

  • potsblitz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    you could buff the rivals firerate a bit so higher lvl ppl have a reason to use it over the uppercut in atl a few scenarios and give the sparks bleeding at sub 150m range. maybe nerf the dolchs recoil, make the romero have way superior range and damage to the other shotguns and

  • lhorns55 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    All firearms fire too slowly, especially the lever action rifles and pump action shotguns. This reduces the realism of the game and increases frustration when it seems to take your player 8 seconds to pump a shotgun.

  • lhorns55 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Body damage is too low. This makes aiming for the head the only viable option. Increasing the body damage would help the realistic horror and tension of fights and make players feel more powerful. Currently, most of the fights between players feel luck based and frustrating. This frustration causes most fights to turn into a machete showdown.

  • VastoJD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    - Avtomat : less zoom in, less precision and lots of more recoil.
    - Doch 96 : not medium bullets please ! So less damage and precision and more recoil.
    - Crown and king : less precision and more reloading latency.

  • bql10 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sparsk LRR needs a buff. MY idea for it is to knock down the hit opponent, much like Spider does (but without poison and with reasonably faster getting back up). That way the weapon will not only be useful, but also unique and more interesting to play.

  • Lt.Gian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    personally i would you the vettreli but i can not stand the iron sights the bottom rettical is just way to low and way to small for you to aim you just have to go into hip fire mode and hope for the best. Take for example the wind-field iron sights it is skinny it is not low and it provides for good aim the vettrelli iron sights is like a red dot but with no dot in the middle , let me say i love the damage and the fire rate but if you cant aim well with it whats the point. Also we should have a mechanic where you can hold your breath in exchange for no sway at the cost of you stamina consumption and after you use all your stamina it will sway more.

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