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Improvements/Alternate ideas for Darksight Boost

We are creating this thread to gather all of the ideas, alternate suggestions and improvements for the Darksight Boost. This will allow us to gather all the feedback in one place, as well as get an idea on the numbers behind the suggestions.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please comment below.

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  • clearscreen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My idea was posted here because I hadn't seen this: https://feedback.huntshowdown.com/forums/907186-gameplay/suggestions/36134845-replace-bounty-carrier-lightning-with-something-mo

    Remove the current lightning indicator showing where bounty carriers are. It's just unfair in gunfights and frankly it feels like a cheat.

    Replace it with a blood trail (from the bounty) visible in dark sight for a considerable amount of time / steps, so players can track the carriers. It should fade depending on how long ago the trail was left on the floor.

    The trail should be visible from a short / short-medium distance. Definitely make it so players have to look for it.

    This would reinforce the hunting spirit of the game, and make it harder to track the bounty carriers.

    In addition to this consider making zombies and animals react to the bounty's stench from a higher distance, in order to avoid having the bounty carrier just outrun everyone, and force them to think their escape a bit more, or make a bit more noise.

    Also, considering this mechanic, remove the 10 seconds spotting effect from the carriers too, since they'll now be harder to spot, and need to be aware of hunters tracking them, or flanking them (which would likely make at least some noise).

  • MD_Whooves commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    (I posted this idea separately, but in hindsight, it fits better here. Apologies.)
    What about either a Perk or Tool, like a talisman, that made you invisible to someone with the DS Boost, and maybe even negate lightning when you have the bounty. 
    The drawback is that with this equipped, YOU can't use Darksight AT ALL, making clue hunting and extraction a little more challenging

  • Manbjorngris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I propose the clues can show decay in dark sight, as in it's very bright before unlocked the first time but as other hunters use the same clue the glow starts to fade.

    This way it's similar to trackers who can tell someone's been at a location and how long ago they were there.

    I also second that the dark sight ability to see players should be built around hunter hear beats instead. When you enter dark sight it should pulse on heart beats that are affected by running/sprinting/crouching/interacting with the environment.

    This way the 10 seconds have slightly less utility depending on the actions of other players stabilizing balanced pvp since you are handing some strategy back to the bounty campers.

  • Feramoon81 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [[*** Reposted with corrections *** deleted previous entries]]

    So DSB was implemented because people were camping the exits of the boss compound right? Now they use the boost to see where are the "campers" around the compound, and plan to use a clear route... but all the campers outside, have they all found the 3 clues to find the boss? Some might, but surely for many times they are there because as soon banish starts, both map and dark sight SHOWS where the boss died... since the game launched on steam, there is the main reason so many times there were campers outside the boss... because the game tells them where it is, kinda like say "hey, come here and camp their exit"...

    Now how I think game should be (fixing these dsb/excessive camping issues):

    1) When boss dies, the compound he is WILL NOT show on the map at all... nothing changes on map. Also in Dark Sight anyone WILL NOT SEE anything in SKY, only keep seeing clues. All that happens is that boss will do a massive (but brief) death scream (scary as **** please), that anyone on the map can hear, the louder the closer you are (if you are really far away, you will hear it but very low faint sound)... All you can do is try to pinpoint his location based on sound volume of scream and the direction it seemed to come from... or keep going for remaining clues... also, no more visual banish countdown for anyone. Whoever killed him have to keep an eye on corpse until the animation ends and bounties are ready to pick up, now he knows banish has ended. Lightning on Dark Sight and map only starts AFTER hunter leaves compound with it. (the sky "tornado" effect could be removed imo).

    2) With these changes I think dark sight boost could be removed, most likely there wont be campers outside yet because they are still trying to pinpoint/reach boss location because the game did not tell them where it was. If they arrive late at boss compound, they can still chase the bounty with the lightning on dark sight, but without the fear of being seen by the "wallhack"...

    This way, getting clues don't shrink the map anymore. You keep looking for all 3 of them, going to whatever compound you want, and the first hunter/team that get whatever 3 clues first will have, not only shown on his map where boss is, but that's actually WHEN BOSS WILL SPAWN! -->> 2 things to consider for this to work: 1) The server must know how to choose a compound (for the boss to spawn) where no player have yet gathered any clue and 2) There must be no player inside his lair at the moment someone get 3rd clue (imagine boss spawning right next to you out of a sudden...), so server have to keep track of everyone's location to pick a spot wheres no one nearby.

    But "what if people simply get attracted by gunfire during boss killing, get near, see/hear that boss died, and then decide to camp outside for hunter exit with bounty???"... well, for that, I say: Ain't Crytek adding a BUNCH of silenced weapons now? ^^ make use of them maybe you get a silent kill on boss.

  • Haapaneitty commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a fusion of ideas read around here and what I think of could be good solution.

    My solution for the wallhackish and unfair Darksight boost would be, that it should be MUCH less accurate in positioning. Could be something like "heard heartbeats" (with visual feedback when in Darksight, no locations, just presence).

    And related change should definetly be, that the lighting is removed. One idea for tracking the bounty after banishment is that you would leave a trail that is shown only in Darksight, so pursuers could follow footsteps and know which way bounty went.
    This makes it still possible to pursue after the bounty has been picked up, but is much more fair and fitting better in the concept of the game.

  • CyberWolf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Since it's supposed to be a hunting game, about tracking and being able to be stealthy, why not just remove the world lightning indicator and the DSB alltogether? The banishing gives everyone ample time to track, get close, and set up ambushes, the only people who really benefit from the lightning and not banishing are exit campers, which we all despise anyway.

  • lhorns55 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think the Darksight boost would be OK as long as there is a corresponding debuff for the hunters. Probably some sort of speed drop while holding the bounty.

  • Shark1991 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why not make DSB into something else :D i have personally no problem with it...i think who complains about it its a crybaby ( and im not a pro dude at this game ) the point its that the dudes who took the bounty can be hunted but lets face it...who take the bounty has to :-Kill the boss(and the spider its a *****...rly if you dont have the proper guns can take ages for him to be killed and all the map will have time to go and interfere)-banish the boss ( and it takes some time ),after that you are visible on the map for everyone and in DS and what you get? a 10 sec wallhack? lets be "Cereal" and can be easy countered by running and making noise all over the place..they will check with DSB everytime when you change ur possition...yes DSB can be broken if you see them taking the bounty and waiting in one place dont move and camping but thats another story ( learned from my life that whatever you do or say some people will never listen to hard-headed), sooooo ive come with an ideea if people cry about the wallhack why not do something else like :- for 10 secons when you are in darksight be invulnerable ( but you cant shoot ofcourse) this can allow the hunted hunters to reposition and give em an edge in the battle
    -Or for 10 seconds the hunters carrying the bounty will enter the Darkness where the hunters who will carry the bounty will be enter the "Fade" and become invisible and can walk on water ( this will allow people to reposition and have the element of suprise in the current state the bounty carryers never have the element of surprise) to balance this when you enter the "Fade" you make a distinctive sound like a laugh or dunno something to inform your teammate and you enemy and they can be ready for it...this will add to more tension to the game becouse you will never know where the bounty carryer will appear maybe he will run maybe he will flank you or maybe he will be disconnected you never know ( this was inspired by the art of Hunt showdown where there is that hunter that its fadding in the shadow xDso who ever make that art Cheers big ears)
    -Another ideea is to remove all of the DSB but who kill the boss gets some epic weapons that you cant buy em from the store...like an avtomat that can corrupt you and poison or dunno something else something that can give the bounty carryers an edge
    -A cool concept can be...like above lets remove the DSB and increase the duration of banishing like 2x or something like that and when the banishing its complet spawn a portal that only the people who carry a bounty can enter this will teleport the hunters in **** or where the boss is going when he is banished,here the bounty hunters will have a minigame like...walk a path in **** fight some Grunts or some monsters then at the end another portal that will teleport em somewhere random on the map...now why this option...well this will remove the Strategys like "Wait untill the boss is dead then kill the hunters cuz we are camping the exits and Concentrina all the exits and stay there and wait 20 minute untill one team its bored and rushes in or out...AND it will get rid of the Exit campers becouse you never know when or where the hunters will exit from the other realm...
    I have more ideeas but il let it for not like this cuz its late but i find em to match the immersion of the game,and i hope it will atleast inspire in a solution :D

  • Lt.Gian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I personally think that it is a good idea but it has its flaws for example: between two hunters they have 20 seconds of dark sight if they play their cards right which is essential 20 seconds of wall hacks. I say regarding duo games only one hunter in the team should have dark sight and the other could possibly have a damage boost or something along the lines of that. I agree with Terru4hell but not to his extent of removing the mechanic from the game but in the sense that it does remove the excitement and adrenaline boost of not knowing if you are being followed or even hunted.

  • Terri4hell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Get rid of it! IT'S A ******** WALLHACK! If this isn't removed i'll be done playing this game in no time. C'mon Crytec! What are we? Noobs and idiots? This completely ruined everything that was tense about this game. - Period.

  • SeifoMorven commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Darkside boost and premium weapon system.

    I think we can solve both problems. It's relly hard to make a balance between cheap and expensive weapon. For now the problem is that dark sight does not help new players to survive. It only gives an advantage for skilled people.

    My idea is to give a choice between dark sight and premium weapon. F.E. Do you want mosin avtomat? Ok. But you'll have only 2-3 sec of the dark sight.
    This game requires a lot of experience, so players need to spend more than 200~ hours to understand the entire system. It would be fair to give them more chances. I want to play against strong opponents.

  • minum776 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think main problem is what people can see your position, when you picked up the bounty. This means, what they can find you everywhere. What's why needed unlimited Darksight Boost to fight back or after 10 seconds you will be dead. Problem of DSB is in how marked players there. It's too accurate, so player with the bounty can kill everyone without any problem. I think marks should be same as for clues, but with different color. Also mark effects shouldn't work in the houses (for everyone), since lost connection with the sky, so players can't see their positions, but effect of thunder from the sky can show the house with the bounty. I think it can fix balance in the game and make good fights in the houses.
    OR Darksight Boost can be with 10 seconds, BUT players can see position of a player with the bounty only in 100-150 meters from the killed boss and after they can see only footprints, which can't be seen in the water.

  • Stabilis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like the dark sight boost, I think it should stay. However I feel like it needs to be changed...make it like a throwable consumable maybe that gets picked up when you kill the boss. You pick it up, and throw it and it emits a cloud that allows you to see players in a 10m radius in dark sight. Or make it so that you get a limited number of uses per match, like 2x 2 second uses. Maybe even change the graphical effect, so when you have the boost, it merely shoots lightning down in a player's area instead of directly highlighting them. That way they know somebody is there, just not exactly where they're standing.

    It should be a tool to give the bounty carrier a fighting chance, not something that emboldens them to chase other players around. The moment they have the bounty they become the prey fighting to escape, it should be tense and terrifying to carry that bounty.

  • DivineImpalerX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hm maybe add some extra features to Dark Sight (like being able to see foot prints) the longer you use Dark Sight. BUT you also add a enemy (Specter). It can`t be seen with normal Vision and it will not attack Players (maybe you get some noises if a specter is nearby). But if you use Dark Sight and its new boni you also increase the aggro range of Specters (the more you spam DS the more likely Specters will aggro on you). While you can see Specters in DS you can`t kill em (but they move slow so outrunning em at the start should be easy but again more DS means they will be attracted faster). This could also add new Items to manipulate Players to attract Specter. Imagine if you have to run from something you can`t see with normal vision :3

  • posbios commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This was made to avoid campers, but the other solution is that when bounty is collected the rest of players should be blinded in some grade and burning if they are stopped.

  • Jackback101 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Limit the darksight boost use to the compound. The hunters can use it whenever they want for 10 seconds only while in the compound. If they leave the compound they'll lose the darksight boost.

  • eskandaer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1) lack of information to the player was a strength in your game that enhanced tension -- bring it back and stay focused on that as a core concept -- ie. remove dsb/tweak lightning/exit point locations/etc

    2) when info is given to player, make it thematic; you want to discourage people from camping? make carrion/crows/vultures/whatever begin to collect over/around players that have not moved an x distance or a given site within a given timeframe. this thematically reveals the presence/threat of campers without a pinpoint wallhack

    3) shorten match limit to 30 minutes to encourage players to act decisively and be bold with their time management without removing tactical options

    4) fix economy (adjust rewards/adjust costs) so that player monetary rewards and upkeep are what encourages bounty/boss risk vs reward considerations; not access to a superpower.

    5) if needed, find a way to reduce risk for unsuccessful bounty carriers; ie. progression reward; bonus to next recruitment; partial credit

    6) if you insist absolutely on keeping this dsb mechanic -- make it activate immediately on picking up the bounty, let it run for 10 seconds or so then it is gone. no toggle on/off. no superpower advantage to be used to further dominate the map

    7) fix society so everyone stops thinking they're entitled to some concept of 'fair'; the bounty is the reward; the theme is we're cutthroats willing to kill for this reward. the bounty carrier should feel hunted, afraid, in the dark, and outgunned against unfair and largely unknown odds. that is what made the pre-dsb version of this game give players such a thrilling 'high'. don't give in to whims that take away from this. this was single handedly the best thing Hunt had going for it

  • Genesizs5 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i have had an idea for Dark Sight Boost,

    it is like you see sometimes in Animes, like you feel there is someone more like a intent to kill around you ..

    so the idea i have is entirely without wallhack redglows you can see but it will be more of a when you use the Dark sight boost , if there is noone in the darksight boost range you will know there is noone near if there are players in that range the screen wil lshake a little and there will be dark glowing kidna border aroudn the screen and pulsating inwards like there is someone around with a intent to kill, so you won't know were they are but you will know there are at least some people around

    this way people cannot use DSB to either just run away from players using the boost bailing the other way or using it to blatantly hunt every player that is near down,
    both wich are imho are bad for the whole idea that is Hunt

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