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Whole New Bounty Consept!

So let me first introduce current consept and a new consept in this order:
1. What is the current Bounty System - Pros/Cons
2. New Bounty Consept - How it works - Pros/Cons
3. How it would make the game even better

Current Bounty system is that you find boss after finding three clues or finding it randomly right away after starting the game. Maybe you heard the spider screaming in a house while you were walking on the road or maybe butcher was killed by the other player(s) during first 5 minutes of the game.

After finding a boss, you just kill it and banish it and not even drop a single sweat, am i right?

Current system boosts weapons like Nitro and Avtomat.
How? - You find boss randomly right at first location you arrive. You shoot four bullets with Nitro and banish boss while there is only gone four minutes in a server. Same goes with Avtomat.

Why is this bad? - Imagine that you are in the other side of the map, you had already found your first clue and you already see that someone is banishing the boss.
You try to get in there in time, but just can't do it. Player(s) already ran away with a bounty when even you get there, not a chance to get them. What a waste, not even chance to get a bounty.

Pros/Cons in Current system

Pros: Well it is very very beginner friendly and it is all about it

Cons: Tons. You know instantly what boss there is - Not fun at all. You equip your shotgun with you because the butcher is against you and also it's awesome. NO. NO. NO. Not like this. Its not thrill of the hunt if you know what you are up against!
- Game has this element of surprise feeling, but this current system does not boost it. It tooks it away. Knowing what you are against makes it less tempting
- Not enough PVP - Player(s) rarely have time to interrupt in boss fights
- Doesnt support "bad" spawns
- You can hear bosses even if you havent found a single clue
- Favors too much weapons like Nitro and Avtomat - Why? - Four shots from Nitro and its over - Start banish and wait. (Propably there is some guys coming from the other side of the map (Well they dont get there in time anyway!))


Let me present the idea about the New Bounty Consept

Introduction: Hold on your chair, unzip your panties and get funky, here it comes! You wouldnt be able to hear bosses anymore. Bosses would always be in an "Artifact", perfectly silent. Artifact is located in main area. Going in a house where Artifact is, does NOT instantly
tell that boss is here! You can find it with help of the Presence.
You gain more powerful Presence by collecting clues! Presence is showing possible Artifact location on a map and also through the darksight, more of it later!

Consept Of The New Bounty System

1. Bosses in an Artifact - Only interracting an Artifact will count that you found a boss
- You could not hear bosses anymore which makes it more challenging
- Bosses will be inside of an Artifact perfectly silent, UNTIL YOU FIND IT

2. Awakening (Preparing for the fight)
- Boss is "Awakening" soon! Be ready for the fight of your life!
- Alerts player(s) that boss is already found! Hurry up!
- Awake process will last only a minute
- Creates a time window for other player(s) to interrupt and actually steal boss/bounty
- You can kill your target after boss is fully Awakened

3. Random Boss Pool - What will come out from an Artifact?
- Creates more elements of surprise
- You cant prepare yourself for the boss fight by exact consumable or weapons - You gain more thrill of the hunt experience!
- After larger boss pool - It is more exciting to see what im up against next!

4. Artifact Location - Somewhere in the main area
- Finding a clue wont shut down area that much anymore (No more gray area!)
- You have to travel more in area where Presence can be felt!
- Going in a same house where an Artifact is, does not instantly count as boss found - You have to interract an Artifact to start "Awakening"
- Makes room for error - Maybe you didn't search this house properly and you missed an Artifact
- Praise the clues! - Clues are now more valuable and important to you
- One clue will give you a Presence and the feeling where the Artifact might be!
- Three clues will give you an exact point of the Artifact (Area where an Artifact is located)
- You have to search that house if an Artifact is really there

5. Presence - You can feel Presence of an Artifact through the darksight and on the map.
- Every time you pick a clue you gain more Presence! Presence will be shown on the map and through the darksight also
- After one clue it would put a few possible Artifact locations - Collect more clues to narrow down the possible area where a boss can be
- Presence would appear through the darksight (Presence an Artifact is glowing more brighter and different color over the possible location (After one clue collected and near the area where you can feel the Presence))

Pros/Cons in a New Idea!

1. More element of surprise situations
- Exciting to see what boss is up against next
- More PVP because "Awakening" Alarms Player(s) that boss has already been found!

2. Favors all spawns
- If team will randomly find boss beginning of the game - There is still "Awakening" phase so you have time to steal boss/bounty

3. Weapon balancing by insanely creative way!
- You found a boss and you have a Nitro? - Not so fast! You still have "Awakening" Phase ahead you, use your bullets wisely!
- "Awakening" time will gather player(s) around the boss before it can be killed - Player(s) need to deside will they use Nitro or Avtomat against boss or will they use them against the Player(s)

4. Clues for the glory
- Now it make more sense to actually find a clues and be longer in main area (Staying longer in main area will grow chance to PVP situations)
- Search houses if there is an Artifact (same way like cashiers currently)

5. Feel the Presence!
- Presence system will generate more traveling around the map (Exploring is fun and can sometimes get you off guard, be prepared while you are seeking!)

Cons: This vs. Current system - I would say NONE!

Artifact could be a pillar with symbols on it, pillar is glowing like clues!

How this all would make this game better?
- New Bounty System strengthen a basics of the game, like clues, PVP and Bosses

1. Clues would play a bigger role now and would be more important to you, so you would be able to finish your contract
2. New Bounty System brings forth PVP which is in my opinion currently in a lesser role
3. Something bad is coming. Meatheads and hives are already here... You got yourself a contract to find Artifact which brings even bigger Evil in the city. Hunters cant let that happen! - But contract payment is too big to share! Happy hunting!

Best regards
Thomas Plate and Snouppi!

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