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Rejoin System

First off, I have had numerous issues where my game just freezes and I've gotten disconnected from the match. I understand of course that the game is early access and that there is a lot to be fixed.

My idea for a rejoin system would be one specifically in place for Duo Hunters, no Solo Hunting.

My idea relates to the fact that your hunter automatically gets downed when you disconnect. Why can't it work that if you disconnect your hunter gets downed, then you can rejoin or reconnect to the match as your downed hunter, and then your partner can pick you up, if he or she so wishes to.

The intricacies of the system would be that if the game recognizes you as combat logging, as it sometimes does, instead of killing the hunter permanently, it kills them such as them dying to an enemy, where they lose 1 hp bar. Thus if they rejoin it would be as though they died, as in a way to reduce people trying to abuse this system for combat logging (In this way, enemies can burn a players body, in case they try to combat log to play dead or what-not).

But for players that honestly get disconnected and wish to continue the game, it could down them without taking any hp bar away, such as what it does with the resetting to status before contract.

Obviously there are ways to expand upon this idea, and I recognize that, but I am just tired of always seeing the disconnect notice, and that everything resets back to before-contract status. (I decided to finally do this because I disconnected after a quick spider find and it frustrates me to lose the bounty so easily)

This is just a simple(ish) idea with simplified mechanics that could be built upon easily by the devs, and is likely something many people are wanting put into the game.

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  • Toastella commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tbh this would be a great addition because my friend too has issues where his game stalls for almost 30 seconds at a time, this leads to disconnecting from the game where he just loses his hunter outright, or 30 minutes of work clearing the server of hunters and getting all the bounty is wasted.

    It would alleviate the frustration that a lot of people have where their connection isn't up to par, or their hardware has a fit. Either case, I definitely agree if in combat or in suggested combat scenarios, disconnecting should be punishing as dying.

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