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tier 0 hunter

The tier 0 hunter should always be purchasable. Make him the far left guy regardless of money or level.

Having him as a permanent option would let you play solo and pvp against everybody without feeling like you are wasting money.

It would let you start saving up well before your account was low on cash. This means you wouldn't be forced to change your playstyle to try and recover from being broke.

The game is bad when you have no money and need to just sneak around to get clues before leaving.

But you would never get to that point if you could at any time pick up a tier 0 and play a couple of matches making a few hundred without spending anything.

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  • Kauwd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You already gonna get a free hunter if you have no more money! (Don't know if it is already implemented in the game) But it's gone be in a patch. And besides
    A romero hadncannon cost 4 dollar?...... And a caldwell conversion also 4 dollars?... that's 1 ******* clue... money that you are guaranteed to get... romero handcannon is a 1 shot weapon close range. Yes you are ****** when you get caught in a open field. Also that's a mistake on your end. closing distance to a target is incredibly easy around houses and boss rooms. So hard NO for me on this idea, you just play in a way that's not working and now the game should compensate YOU for YOUR bad decisions?

  • potsblitz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    why dont they add a "naked" hunter you where you have to purhcase all the gear by yourself, while also adding a little discount for pre-equipped hunters so you actually habve a reason to still buy them sometimes

  • HollowCasper commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To be honest, this is a horrible idea.

    For one, people who have bought this game should know it takes patience and skill. If people are able to get Tier 0 hunters for free; then that throws away the patience aspect of the game for most of those players.

    Second, the game is about surviving. That's the fun part of the game! If you are low on money but you have a chance to enter into a gunfight; do you choose to? Or do you sneak away? That's what I love about this game. YOU get to choose to fight, sneak, or escape; and if you are low on money, then the thrill you get from not wanting to die is just so much more intense.

    This brings me to point three. If you are able to get Tier 0 hunters for free, then what would be the use of a Tier 3? I love risking my higher level hunters when playing. I play more cautious and am more skeptical of sounds and decisions. I'f I were to have a Tier 0 hunter, I strongly feel like that "oh if I die it's whatever" kinda thought would go through my head; and I feel like others would have that same thought.

    So when I'm risking my high level hunters I get the real thrill of the game. I'f I can just get free hunters, you lose a big part of that thrill I believe.

  • CalicoKitty commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please throw out all of the tier 2-3 hunters and rethink how they are going to be played.
    I always lose 200$ on every single time the game forces me to pick a tier 3 hunter. cause I have to sell their trash and start over with the gear I actually want.

    Tier 0 hunters might be too much freedom, People who want control over there loadout may actually win money! Every time I get forced into buying a tier 3 hunters, they cost over a thousand! and I end up selling all their **** for a loss.

  • dyno.darb commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think Dark_Horror is on the mark. People would just farm clues and save up money and then deck out a tier 3 hunter with the most expensive gear.

    Another aspect this function would negate is the permadeath concept. The concept of risking hundreds of dollars in gear plays into decision making. "What if i lose that firefight" or "what if i dont extract in time" no longer becomes relavant becasue you can just never lose money. It would cycle like the mechanics in EFT.

  • Dusk_Horror commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    but then 80% of everyone would just play tier 0 all the time, everyone would have a lot more money and avtomats would become common.

    Not to mention the abuse of just farming tier 0's and selling their gear for free money. then running in naked to fast farm a few clues before getting killed so you can continue to farm.

    you would see 2 things. players with avtomats, and naked players saccing them selves while clue rushing. rule number 1 of game development, if you put an easily abuse able mechanic into a game, it WILL be abused.

  • GlowingFruit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love this idea, but maybe I could bring something to improve (take it or leave it).

    Make it so you can only have one tier 0 at a time, but scale up the level to modify it's equipement to prevent player from dropping all the money they get on their tier 0 and it would encourage to pick a higher tier to be able to play with the items you want.

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