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Dont loose your hunter upon a disconnect!!!

If the Server disconnects you from the Client for whatever the fu ing reason you should KEEP your hunter!! He didnt fuc ing die, the sh t Server disconnected from the Client!!!!!!!!

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  • Andrudis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No penalty for DC will be abused too much.
    It is hard and cost ineffective to try figure out, who use DC intentionally and who is not. Any software algorithm will require noticeable development efforts and will not give 100% result.
    More appropriate solution would be something similar to what EVE Online do:
    1) upon DC your hunter stays in place for 2-5 minutes.
    2) if hunter is killed during this time or mission time runs out - he dies and loses all equipment
    3) if hunter stays alive - he loses only progress during mission, but keeps hunter alive and all gear intact.
    4) hunter is locked for the duration of countdown and cannot be edited/sent on next mission until his fate is decided

  • Seven_Proxies commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    It's not fair to punish players for unstable connections, when in 90 % of the cases the stability of their connections is outside of their control. (speaking as someone who's had to battle with ISP's for years about the subject I should know)

    So what if a player were to "flee" the situation by unplugging? That just means one less enemy hunter to contend with for the bounty. It's not like you "lose" anything because your enemy happened to disappear from the fight because it's not like he or she can rejoin it again.

    Of course, getting disconnected should result in not keeping any rewards acquired during the match (no xp, no money etc.) a disconnected hunter should just be reset to the state it was in before the match began.

    Also, it would be easy for devs to monitor players suspected of DC:ing as a means to getting out of a sticky situation since you could have a program that monitors the disconnecting patterns of players.

    If your trouble is an unstable connection then you would DC randomly. If however you're trying to cheat death in game by unplugging, then your DC's would only happen when you're in firefights or in close proximity to enemy players trying to shoot at you.

  • LilJashy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah, the system could be abused so easily if you could just DC yourself (unplug router, turn off PC, etc.) anytime you got yourself in a sticky situation. This wouldn't work

  • Shakaron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you get disconnected, your hunter does not die necessarily.

    In my experience, the hunter only dies when it was near a threat (other players, monsters).

    Without this, anyone could just unplug the cable when in a dire situation and be saved by the grace of the server.

    I think the current implementation is fair.

    Your problem is not having a stable connection, not that you loose your hero when a disconnect happens. :)

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