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Give us gloves for more steady aim and other items with RDR2 taste (personalization)

Could you give us like in Red Dead redemption stuff that like skills or also cosmetics wear down but also give qualities like steadiness in the aim and stuff like that (in the water).

For example the gloves, various types of gloves, belts, ammo pouches, boots (more stealthy), less stealthy, faster in the water...
It would be just amazing

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    I'd much rather just have a realistic sway mechanic for a single action shot game. The sway is too much when they want 'commitment to shots' yet we have to fight our hunter.

    We should be able to hold our breath to take away the sway, we even already have a hidden stamina bar and 'out of breath' indicator. Then just add a trait where you can hold your breath for 4 seconds to 10 seconds or something.

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