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1. bolt grubber- collects bolts and throwing knives automatically without having to look down and press f.

2.quick draw- allows you to swap to your secondary (pistol) fast.

3.awareness-lets you hear crows and other ai further away.
(not sure if its a bug but cant hear crows till you are right on top of them in beta map)

4. Gladiator-use less stamina using melee weapons.

5. Tracker- lets you see footsteps on roads and mud, (doesnt work on man made surfaces like roofs and timber flooring also water)

trait changes----

1. physician should effect all stats boosting and healing, so making it faster to use vitality shots etc, not just first aids kits.

2. bolt seer-- should automatically pick up throwing knives or bolts that have been shot, possibly make a new trait that does it or add it to bolt seer.

3. salve skin- burn slower when downed

4.pitcher- increase the distance knives can be thrown without having to elevate your aim as much.

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