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  • diegueeee commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What do I want to say? Basically, when we find them, they can move along the map, like us, so we can have more fun and try to hunt them down and kill them.

    For example, the spider: imagine that it can escape from the barn (especially when it is on fire by throwing a lamp) and chase it through the map or hide in other places (hoping to attack us when we least expect it) It would also increase the chances of further exploring the map and find other bounty hunters.

  • VastoJD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Step 1 :
    Players will hunt like normal by doing the clues, find the boss and begin the boss hunt.

    Step 2 :
    After being 50% of his life, the boss does an animation ( for example : lightning, dig a hole in the soil, make mist, etc.) loot something (for example : money, unique weapon or part of a weapon with the future craft system, or positive boost like speed for a moment, etc.) and disappear.

    Step 3 :
    After a little moment players hear a roam and if they has all the clues they can sees with dark sight where the boss come back (for example by illuminated footsteps, or a flying transparent blue sail, or a red light over the map, or lot of leaves and bugs going to the boss direction, etc.) (respawning with an animation like when they disappear for players who are lucky to be at the right moment at the right point or at the bad ? ;...;).

    Some details :
    + It can be for unique bosses or unique map.
    + All the animation can fit with unique boss. Like i saw in people ideas :
    - an alligator can dig the soil and come back from it. With dark sight players can see small alligators or a green water going to the boss.
    - a ghost (or lich king) can doing mist for disappear. Dark sight will be the blue and transparent flying sail.
    - a swarm can go out by separate it. Dark sight will be bugs and leaves to go to the boss.
    - magic caster can do lightning. Dark sight can be some arcs of lightning somewhere.
    - fire bosses can disappear with fires. Dark sight will be a fire somewhere.
    - a hunter style boss can disappear by become transparent and after rush (without doing damage) a player / or let a double which disappear after taking some damages and a time if player stop attack it (when disappear i can make a laugh style roam like it jokes the players) (but this double will no damage for not to be so hard). the dark sight can be a red blood light where it respawn.
    - etc. etc.
    (Thank you guys for those boss ideas).
    + It can change the atmosphere of the world /map/environment when boss respawn like it is angry (can be more darker, with special animation like rain, blood rain, lightning, shadows of dead people ruining everywhere, bugs and leaves flying, etc.).
    + Fit nice with the hunt system because players need to track/hunt THE Monster !

    Thank you for reading this.
    Thank you hunt team for bring this game.

    Hunt together, die alone. The hunt still continue in the far horror west. Have a nice hunt and good luck.

  • lhorns55 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    -Giant Snake
    -Giant Alligator
    -Some sort of Swarm style enemy - (somewhat like the hives already in the game)
    -An enemy that shoots some sort of flare into the air when spotting the player or shines a light upwards.
    -Stumbling enemy with a shotgun or pistol that it fires periodically
    -An enemy that attacks everything, even other monsters

  • madseus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    New boss ideas:
    1) a ghost that moves through walls in the building it spawns in. It should use visibility and scare tactics, like at certain points go invisible / almost invisible and try to go behind you and attack/scare you.
    2) a witch - a creepy old medicin lady hitting you with a staff / throwing poison attacks at you that she cooked up. Maybe moving mostly slowly, but then sometimes moving very quickly while making creepy sound. :)

  • Stabilis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Worms that come out of the ground and do damage if you stay within the same 2 meter radius for more than 5 minutes.

  • Kaptajnklunk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Basically a grunt with a Caldwell revolver/Romero 77 or Winfield.

    They should be the rarest type grunts, a map should only have a few of them.

    If triggered by hunters or by sounds made by hunters fx. ravens, they start shooting. The hunters will not know if it's enemy players or just an armed grunt.

    -They should only have few shots to fire.

    -They should not be precise shooters, and getting shot by one should be nearly impossible

    - Íf they see hunters they will usually attack with melee just like the other grunts

  • FORCE_010 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A New Enemy: Undead Hunters .

    Not burning downed enemy Hunters, will make them rise up again (maybe, doesn't have to be always the case) after the Bounty has been picked up (debatable on what the 'trigger(s)' is/are for them to rise up) and hunt down their killer, or the Bounty Carriers.
    They will use one of the two Weapons they carried when they were still alive as Players, and play according to a playstyle that fits the weapon (Flank + Rush with Machete , Fire and Move with Rifle, Flank and Push with Shotgun, etc etc)

    They will have the Health of a Armored or Meathead, and will get up again even after being 'Downed' again like in 15 to 30 seconds , only sure way to kill them for good, is by burning them. Headshots also will Down them in one shot.

    They will be able to cease the fire if they are put on fire while 'Undead' , but they do that slower then Player Hunters which allows anyone to finish them off easily, and when they are Downed and being Burned, they will never be able to get up again.
    Yes they are still lootable despite being AI Monsters, and not Players anymore.

    If the Undead Player manages to kill a Hunter carrying the Bounty, it will pick it up, and turn into a Mini Boss with a Health Bar similar to the Butcher / Spider or sort.

    Killing it as a Mini Boss, will allow you to 'Banish' it as well, with a shorter Banish timer however (let's say 100 Seconds rather then the normal 200), and when Banished it will allow you to pick up the Bounty again, which will be a 'Cursed Bounty' this time, what is worth much more and have his own counter in the Stats, and may also reward you with a High Value Item / Traith randomly that you can give to a Hunter of your own choice.

    Pretty much, a Risk-Reward mechanic, allowing you to increase your Reward and Stakes by being pushed to the limits.

    The Undead Hunters are able to track Noises and Audio cues you make to a certain Radius/Distance, if they hear nothing in a or see no Hunter, they will push always to the Bounty Hunter.
    They will move much faster and direct after hearing gunshots/explosions and can be Targeted by non Bounty Carriers Hunters if they come across their path or make them hear their actions like gunshots or similar which can attract them in any case.

    They are able to use stealth movement, so won't walk alway on the middle of the road but can crouch and objects to obstruct line of sight.

    They will stalk you till they are in effective range with their weapon, if two Undead Hunters used to be Partners they will work togheter and be near each other and possibly, focus fire on one target or use tactics like Suppress and Flank. Making such duo deadly even as AI and Undead.

    Time to push things to even my Imaginations limits :P :

    If both Bounties (or even 4 of them in case there are two Bounty Monsters on the map) are picked up by two Undead Hunters, they will start to Hunt down the remaining Hunters as they both will be a Mini Boss, steady but slow, so Hunters have the chance to run for extraction if they wish.

    If a Duo Undead Hunters who used to be alive as Partners pick up the Bounties, they will be a bit stronger with Health and Speed then a regular Undead Hunter Mini Boss and will use same or similar tactics while they were a normal Duo Undead Hunters.

    Lastly, while in combat, any Undead Hunter who is a Mini Boss will be able to use a ability similar to the Zombie ****** from ****** Elite: Nazi Zombies Army
    (link, http://sniperelitegame.wikia.com/wiki/Zombie_Sniper )

    Which is a ability that allows them to jump from Vantage spot to Vantage spot in case they are too easy to kill as a Mini Boss.

    (Concept, let me know what you guys think, also grammar and other spelling mistakes, thanks for reading)

    Also this idea partly comes from the entire 'Stereotype', that a undead has to be Burned to be 'Cleansed' so he becomes truly 'Dead' or will 'Suffer' forever.' It also is based upon the mindset of countering campers who stick with their Bounty's a bit too long, especially on purpose. The point of a Bounty is to extract with it, not to camp with it.

    And this new AI will also add a few new elements to the game: Become the Hunted, know something is stalking you (maybe) so play smarter, that there are more dangers around you then you might know or see. And it will add a bit of lore and decision making.
    Maybe you want it to Rise up again, so you can upgrade your potential Bounty to a Cursed Bounty. Or use it as a tool against the other players.

    NOTE: This idea can become even more complex by replacing this mechanic with 'Holy Water' rather then just Burning the Hunter, so now you have to Burn the Hunter and then spray Holy Water over him to make sure he won't turn Undead, and guess what, Holy Water isn't neccessarily available everywhere in the map and not at all in the Store. Just adding a bit of Bible stuff here and there because why not :P

    I think I have said enough by now haha.

  • -Diablous- commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A stalker type enemy. Something that hunts the players whether from the start of the game or after performing some action:

    -Maybe it gets activated by having two bounties and will show on the map somewhere coming in your direction.

    -Or from killing X amount of players in a single match.

    -It could also be something as simple as 'waking' it up. It could be a restless spirit that's activated if you make too much noise near the, presumably, defiled grave.

    Either way, it should almost be like a bounty target in itself. Once activated, players 'should' run, but in the event they do manage to kill it, perhaps it drops a bonus bounty that renders other hunters visible on the map for X time or some other perk. But it must be challenging.

  • humblesadist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think it would be awesome if in the programming of the map (that we can't see), you divided it into sections, like swamp, corn field, forest, buildings, etc. And within these sections you program certain monster skins. For example, you could have zombies that have corn stalks tied to them, and have pitchforks/scyths for their weapon, whilst they spawn in a corn field; making them blend in the environment a bit more. This would make the game have lots of different monster skin variations that everyone is asking for, whilst also making it feel more immersive. Also also, if you gave them a different weapon (pitchfork for example) you could give them different attacks, thereby making people have to be more on their toes.
    Another example would be, when I go to the church, it would be cool if the zombies close to it had more church like "Sunday dress" outfits on. Or even a few pastor dressed zombies. I think you get the idea.

  • Rocco027 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The AI has super sensitive perceptions which is very boring. You do things inside the housem or underground, of course they will see and hear you!!!
    Sometimes can be froozen, probably bugged and don't attack the enemy, but of course when You go there, bug dissappear and you get hurts. Weird.

  • barto300 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Oh and also monsters that are related to rotten/spoiled vegetables and fruits would be awesome. Like a cliché pumkin man or a shambling mound

  • barto300 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1: Witches coven that can be split around the map

    2: Cultists or crazy people

    3: Weather specifict infected/monsters
    - Rotting/smelling/shriveled up monsters while daylight
    - Ghost's and mystery monsters when it's misty
    - Devils/Demons/Ghouls/Wights/Shadows when it's dark

    4: Water Ghost that is bound to water but can easily hide inside the water. But just like a shark shows his fin above water when hunting, the ghost has to show himself floating above water when he attacks.

    5: Area Specific infected for instance:
    - Corrupted or infected Priests/Pastors/Cardinals show up close to churches and holy sites
    - Corrupted or infected Lumberjacks, Fishermen, undertakers and Farmers(With Pitchforks!) close to farms, sawmills, graves and docks.
    - Undead drowning victims close to/inside of water
    - Wildlife that fits the area like croccodiles and snakes

  • FlyingNinjaSloth commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    At the moment the two boss are a little too 1-dimensional, I think. They do have 2 or 3 moves that they do, but that doesn't really pose that much of challenge (unless you solo and even then it's not that bad). I was thinking if they had different move sets/phases like bloodborne bosses, then it would be more like we're hunting a formidable foe for the bounty rather than doing a chore for pocket money. The real threat are the other hunters which is great, but adding more complex boss fights could even mean hunter team try work together to take down the boss or something like that.

  • greebdork commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1. Armoreds are boring. Make them have a charge ability or something, cause right now they pose no challenge
    2. Meathead is defenseless and therefore boring, easier than grunts even. He does have a hook on a chain, let him use it to pull players towards him, and maybe throw his leeches in players, so they latch on and gradually suck their health out and slow them down, maybe have partners to melee leches so they fall off.

  • CalibanXXV commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A Big Anakonda as Boss Monster, could be in the swampy areas

    Zombie Scorpion as Boss Monster

    Zombie Alligators

  • Keksomrd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Human enemies

    A blind zombie hunter with two pistols that would shoot all around him randomly as he heard a noise.
    Human AI Hunters something like offline mode some voodoo cultists who casts magic raises zombies etc please consider this as it this utmost priority

  • Snorflbeter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dumb down the power of the Water Devils. I enter the water to get to another area, and I got DESTROYED by 3 of them. They are much to overpowered. Instead of planting them everywhere, plant them in only certain waters. So anticipation is there for the player as he/she is in the water. So that there could be a Water Devil or not. But if so, just make them less powerful.

  • bluecollarbear commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would love to see a solitary mob that inhabits one area on the map. As of right now, there aren't any mobs in the game that people see, and go "oh, ****. there's X mob, so let's just turn **** around!" Most mobs are plentiful around the map. Every game, I see at least one of every mob in the span of a half hour match. I'd love to see a mob that people think, "god, i hope i don't run into X mob."

    My thought is a bear! Bears were plentiful around this time period in Louisiana before all the environmental destruction and over-hunting happened. It could have a little cub that wanders close by to serve as a warning. As for the actual bear, I think it would create very interesting situations to see it act just like a bear! Black bears have a pursuit response, and respond to threats by bluffing a lot. It would be interesting to see this mob in particular, because it would force players to stand still AND make noise. This would also be a great opportunity to give certain tools more uses, such as the fusees.

    Thanks for reading my suggestion!

  • cloud342 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    + their is only the hive as female in game, you should add a female zombie as a boomer/exploding zombie

    + a perk to see crows-chicken-dog-horse in X-RAY beyond wall

    + some frog in water as new alarm

    + a screamer zombie , not very resistant or dangerous just an alarm zombie (maybe a female ??? :D)

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