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Enemy AI character suggestions (merged ideas)

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  • Nickhunt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A rather minor suggestion for the Hive AI. When you aggro her she turns too look at you and she does a super fast 180, it looks kind of dumb and makes it really difficult too head shot her. Imho... I think the way her model moves when aggro should be different, my suggestion is too make her head do a 180 turn; not her whole body. It would look pretty sp00ky considering the nature of the game and it would look a lot less goofy that what it is now. I am open too other suggestions on how too resolve the break dancing hive issue, thanks!

  • undulati0er commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1. A Litch king that rides in a carriage, which is pulled by 20 dead goons.

    2. I'd like you to make something like an underground pyramid similar to Alien vs. Predator. Maybe have some giant mummy there, so it still has western feel since is like a mega ancient tomb. Like far before Egyptian times. Arctic cold map with that thing would be really cool.

    3. An undead medieval king and his army. just passing through the map. Like dark ages, some Sauron inspired armor all broken with flesh coming out.

    4. Ala Carpenters The Thing. How about 2 NPC hunters that after you kill off turn into a merged goo that follows you.

    5. If your team gets both monsters off the map then there is time for a hunter that hunts other hunters. Some dark hunter from the abyss that tracks you with magical spells.

    6. Some hidden monsters like the Thing hidden in plain sight like in a horse or a crow. So if you spook or try to kill em they leap out, reaping the host on the way out.

    7. Giant black cat. Imagine a cat a size of an elephant! That would be scary as fk in the broad light, now imagine 2 giant glowing spheres gazing at you from afar(at night that is). Give that undead kitty a split second jump and you got a crazy boss.

    8. You should have some kind of a beautiful looking lady that can suddenly turn into 1000 teeth monster. On the water, like she's singing some creepy tune and then all of sudden she disappears only to appear ripping your partner into shreds in her true menacing form.

    9. A fallen hero. So it's like a strong man similar to Conan The Barbarian that turns mad. He still got like lightly toned cloth, but his hands are dark in blood and he screams around. Spitting saliva and even tho he got a sword in his scabbard, he won't use it cause he lost his mind.)

    10. A phoenix bird. Usually, people embody the Phoenix with something good. But not in this game. At first, this boss is beautiful and shiny, but every time it revives it gradually begins to show its true undead colors... Lots of fire included!

    11. Common Crytek! Can you please make a really detailed centipede? Like it hides underground and it can shoot its legs off and can lose part of its long body.

    12. A giant mite! Nuff said.

    13. Maybe a family of hillbillies? Ala Hills have Eyes?

    14. The last but not least, I know that throwing something so out of ordinary maybe not too "immersive" but what about a crashed ship site with alien.

    Anyway, you should make more traps around the map for players to use. I'll be back into this game in a year and I want to see at least one thing from this list! Common Crysis!)

  • tinek665 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Boss: The Ghost
    It's ethereal and cannot be damaged. It closes doors, move objects, throw telekinetically items at you, make you hear noises from various directions and damage when moving through you.
    To defeat him, you need to find 3 items of his spread around the house. You will know them by observing the ghost (he has them on him, they are randomized). Then he materializes and, while vicious, is finally killable.

  • tinek665 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Boss: The Family
    Vampires/cultists/cannibals (you name it) Instead of having singular boss creature.

  • tinek665 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    boss: THE NEST
    Stationary boss which is the nest spawning flying abominations (or whatever you (do not) wish). You need to locate it and destroy it, while spawned creatures are trying to stop you.

    Could be more than one.

  • slugmasterprime commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A Ghost Train Boss were you would have to find the clues then then the ghost train would show up you fight the boss when train is moving around the map, this way no one can just sit and camp you and the boss would be a hard fight he could be like an old miner with a pick once the you start to banish him train stops this way you would want to do your finish blow near an exit

  • Papyrcat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    An AI special that is attuned and attracted to the usage of Dark Sight. They could wander around the game-world like any other enemy, just invisible in the normal realm. When a player uses their Dark Sight nearby for too long or too close, they catch the scent and attempt to use the player avatar as a gateway to slip into the mortal realm, where the beast will be able to cause harm to all in the vicinity. Can teleport short distances.

  • LordPariah commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'd love a Jeepers Creepers style gargoyle monster that hunts players. Maybe have him target PKers or the bounty bearers. Or maybe even have him as a boss who doesn't have clues, but instead can be made to be attracted to players through a system similar to clues. Like players basically competing to make themselves more appetizing to it.

    I'm just imagining a duo reloading and healing up after a large firefight, only to hear a loud demonic laugh and the beating of wings in the fog. Or a player purposefully turning himself into bait in order to run into another boss and hopefully goad the Gargoyle to attack the enemy players.

  • grunt170 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What about an ememy so big and strong it take atleast 2 teams to kill it in full on attack.

    Some sort of demon or undead god.

    Wendigo yes please.
    Werewolf nice.
    Big foot ,yeti, sasquatch or aussie yowie.

    Zombie miners.
    Vodou priest. The barron of the underworld.

  • FiX-Hun commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The environment is really nice, but please make the enemy design a little bit more serious.

    The grunts are ok but I miss females among them. Should be a few type like farm lady, elegant lady, ******. Male grunts should have a few more type like gentleman in suit, a cowboy... Those typical western characters. I know Cryengine is really good with customizing standard character models. At least add randomly different colors to their clothes, hair, skin. That would add really much to the diversity. Do the same with all enemy types.

    Hive is ok, but at least add random dress/hair colors. Its so disappointing see those clones everywhere especially close to each other. Cryengine can handle that, gaming rigs in 2018 can handle it too. No reason for those clones like back in those times when vram and cpus werent enough for more.

    Hellhounds are ok too, they should move a little more realistically.

    Giant spider is nice, what about baby spiders around it and its nest?

    Meathead and the butcher should be less extreme. When you want to make something scary and overdo it, it isnt scary anymore but ridiculous.

    And the Armored, what the **** is that? A skeleton covered with ostrich feathers? A zombie **** in fur coat? Where is the armor? Where is the frightening enemy?

    As I wrote before there should be more enemy types, especially flying and water enemies.

  • FiX-Hun commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dont make only enemies on foot. That makes the hunt too 2 dimensional on the land. Huge vampire bats, mad vultures, snakes on the trees, in the water etc. would make the threats much more complex.

  • Wi2rd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Lost hunter ghost NPC, will move and look very similar to real hunters, thought dead and damaged on closer inspection, but are in fact dead hunters that got lost in the hunt and died, they will fade away when you get too close. Dark sight will show their light fading.They are very weak and basically harmless, but are notorious for inducting panic and confusion in hunters still alive.

  • WarhawkX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is less of an AI suggestion and more of a general comment regarding enemies. When an enemy with a fire weapon dies, don't put it out. As it stands the fire goes out showing you they are dead. Don't have it go out, and have the fire spread from their corpse. This way it's not a visual "oh this guy died", and gives kind of a timer of how recently that enemy died.

    This improvement lets you as developers later on add in more "Fire" type enemies with this change in mind, allowing for bosses, or harder mobs with fire elements to showcase how detrimental fighting them around bushes and grass, and other flammable environments could be.

  • Brck commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    except for serpents I enjoy the ideas here hopefully theres some feedback from dev

  • AntiAntagonist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have three categories of enemies that I'd like to see added: sentry enemies, water enemies, and road enemies.

    Sentries could take a lot of forms, but a zombie with a keyhole lantern, or spyglass could suffice. Would be able to see slightly farther (narrow vision cone) and alert other enemies of player presence.

    Water enemies could be gators, snakes, fish (bull sharks, gar, catfish, etc), or snapping turtles. Currently players only have to worry about enemies at a distance while in the water (zombies don't seem to spawn much in water now).

    Road enemies could be groups of zombies on a hunt, headless horsemen, or cult processions. Currently all enemies stick to a small area for their patrols; having enemies roam all over would probably be too much for players, but if enemies sometimes patrol long stretches of road then players would have to weigh the risk of taking roads.

  • Panos1387 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When running in the water make some munsters like aligators attack you. You can kill them though with one shot like horses for example...

  • LordLame commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just realised I accidentally messed up one of my sentences on accident. I meant to say
    “Could possibly attack by whipping* it’s spine around..”

  • LordLame commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Because this game is incredibly atmospheric and set in the American midwest, why not take advantage of the setting and use one of the most iconic monsters set in such a location? Clearly while in the original story the headless horseman is (who would have guessed) on a horse, it may be possible to essentially just take the basic idea of a Dullahan monster and give it some kind of Legend of Sleepy Hollow makeover without that pesky horse.

    As for gameplay I’m envisioning a boss with an occasional heavy damage ranged attack, with an animation featuring its head being thrown or something of similar nature. Maybe it would have a speed between the butcher and spider, and could possibly even attack whip it’s spine around like some kind of creepy sword like the old Dullahan legends.

    Once again just thought it would feel more immersive and atmospheric to try to keep monsters in theme with the American midwest location. So if there are other monster ideas that are relatively unique or influential to that setting I would be quite happy with those as well.

  • Valyus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wraiths - Semi-invisible enemies with tell tale signs of weeping. Only certain weapon types can hurt it since it's a ghost. Sound doesn't affect them like most creatures in the game. They primarily rely on sight and proximity as they can feel your spirit get close to theirs. Flickers from invisibility ever once in a while to show it's there (you know that creepy flicker that some horror movies have).

    This can be an area denial type of enemy to guard certain clues. Thus forcing certain builds to take down these creatures. If you or your teammate don't have that specific item to help take them down then unfortunately you'll probably have to move to a different zone and collect a different clue. Alternatively, you can aggro it away from the clue so your partner can collect it while it's busy.

    The way it attacks is through teleportation and creepy fast movements. Making it a challenge to kite and potentially risky. If it's close, it'll have an area of attack around it sucking your soul out of your body (damage over time from being close to it). It can also hit you with ghostly melee attacks (medium damage since it already applies a DoT). They can't leave the area of the clue so players can't drag it too far out. Once it hits it's zone limits, it'll teleport back to the clue, thus making it risky to even collect without a specific item.

    Items that affect it:

    A talisman as a tool (activate the talisman and within a certain area can hurt and stop the teleportation of the Wraith)

    Salt rounds (potential for different ammo types you can load into a weapon)

    A jar of holy water (coats the Wraith in holy water to allow damage from any weapon ALTERNATIVELY: Can just daze it so you can collect the clue and get out)

    Silver Sword (applies damage because it's silver)

  • mrfancysnail commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Mermaids? Not the Disney kind, more of the "drag you underwater and kill you" kind, Naga and the like. Also, I was very interested in the guy who commented about a demon or something "from the other side." The developers said that hunters have a little bit of **** in them, what does a that look like when it is a little bit more?

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