What can we do with the enemy AI?

Creepy AI that free roams the map

Hunt Showdown has been an absolute banger of an experience. Confidence in Hunt's development is only further strengthened by the dev's evident attention to details and suggestions.

Like many have said there needs to be more AI-driven suspense as they can get fairly predictable once you play for long enough. If we can somehow take inspiration from certain mechanics of existing horror games it could elevate the tension within the PvE experience. Examples of mechanics are:

1. Stalking (Slenderman)
2. Night/ Day cycles affecting how AIs react (Dying Light)
3. Light sensitivity of AI
4. Breaking line of sight stops AI from pursuing, but not without checking certain areas (Alien Isolation)

Combining all four points above, we could have an extremely lethal humanoid AI that stalks hunters and makes VERY little noise. During day time, it could be as weak as normal hunters and knows to retreat when injured or seen directly in field-of-vision/ iron sights. At night the creature's health increases drastically, becomes more aggressive (doesn't retreat, just staggers) and makes much more noise. Once pursued, hunters could (and probably should) escape by breaking its line of sight for a few seconds.

Getting clues could also provide players the ability to track the creature for a limited amount of time using Dark Sight (perhaps an audio cue as opposed to something visual).

Another goal of the creature is also to introduce a "Sudden Death" mechanic during PvP gunfights. Two hunter teams could be going to town on each other for minutes, only to be interrupted by the audio cue of the creature's arrival. This forces both teams to stop making noise IMMEDIATELY and creates a weird dynamic where both teams can see each other but cannot use weapons below a certain stealth score without putting themselves at risk.

Thanks for reading, any comments and discussions are appreciated.

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