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Remove double hive spawning (3.0 problem)

Since 3.0 i feel like hives have a tendency to spawn in pairs. I don't know, if this is intentionally or not, but definitely something has changed to their spawning. These double hives are not only annoying, because you have no way to fight them silently when alone, but they also look kind of ridicoulos, when you encounter them together so often (like two undead sisters - one time it's a funny sight, but like 50% of the time is too much). Please revert to the old spawning behaviour :)

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  • Shakaron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have seen these on the Louisiana Bayou map as well, where before only one Hive was spawn, sometimes now there are two.

    As for dealing with them: throwing knives work fine. Kill the first, then the second. If you keep a bit of a distance, you won't even be stung by the bees/locusts whatever they are.

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