What can we do with the enemy AI?


The first 6 games I've played of Hunt: Showdown were all empty matches. It would be nice to have some AI Hunters that are also trying to do the objective and hunt.

Suggestions for how it could work;
- If the max wait-time is met, then fill the remaining spots with these new AI Hunters.

- Each bot added gets a "personality"
- Aggressive
- Passive
- Objective
- Stealth
It would be nice to see these personalities be combined for the AI to have a more unpredictable pattern. A Passive Stealth bot would be a lot harder to find than an Aggressive Objective bot.

Hopefully not all bots are stuck to one objective like "hunt the players" or "look for clues."

- Timed Scans
The AI could look at their surroundings every once in a while just to do a quick scout of their position to see if any players are around, rather than just booking it to their next waypoint. Of course, do not let the AI spot people obscured by bushes or people actually hiding well. I.E, through a ***** in a wall.

I was on the edge about refunding the game because I just wasn't getting the experience I paid for. I was looking forward to being scared and having to worry about how I act in a world where death is permanent, but all I do is run around guns blazing not worrying about other players. I've only heard one burst of gunshots after my first bunch of games.

I highly suggest, if this feature is added, to display how many bots are in the game during "waiting for players..." Just a simple line of smaller text in italics within parenthesis saying "(# bots have been added)"

Hopefully I can start meeting players soon. I love the concept and game too much to refund. Me and my friend are looking forward to it!

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