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Gambling...on side-quests

You know what I think would be cool? Gambling; I think it would be cool if you could "up the ante," or "double down," on you completing side quests for your agency. So you pick a side-quest which then has payable odds set in reflection of your playing history. You bet the odds in whatever increment you want for whatever quest you want then you queue up for a match. If you complete that quest in-game and extract you win the pot which would be whatever you bet plus the profit of the odds.

So really it's another menu page, but it would be: bloodline/hunter selection, Play, Gambling/Hunt selection, Ready up.

I think that would be really cool because it allows you to possibly make more money, falls directly into the mechanics they already have, fits the theme of what Hunt already is, and doesn't give you something for nothing. Plus, the more you risk, the grander the rewards.

And of course, this would be dynamic for the player themselves so, if the player is usually PvE hunting without going for the bounty, then the odds of them failing go down. Thus, this lessens the potential payout for that gamble. So, when looking at the possible side-quests, the things that the player hasn't done as much are going to be put in higher risks thus the payout rewards are also going to be higher.

So, let's say that you kill a lot of grunts, but slip away from Meat Heads and Hives and rarely go after hunters or bounties, then you may have a "Odds Page" that looks something like this.

Kill 10 Grunts | 1-2 | Bet Min: $10
Kill 5 Armor | 1-3 | Bet Min: $10
Kill 5 Hives | 1-4 | Bet Min: $10
Kill 3 Meat Heads | 1-5 | Bet Min: $20
Kill 10 Hellhounds | 1-5 | Bet Min: $20
Kill Hunter | 1-6 | Bet Min: $30
Kill Bounty | 1-6 | Bet Min: $30
Clean Sweep | 1-6 | Bet Min: $30
Run The Gauntlet | 1-10 | Bet Min: $50

You can choose any number of side quests to run and you run the chance of making serious monetary profit at the risk of your already earned money.

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