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A "Tab" like interaction system

In many games I've been slown down by the "press F to interact" function

i,e. Throw a knife on a bear trap to trigger it, go up to pick up the knife but to do so I have to move the bear trap because the bear trap interaction overrides the knife interaction. By picking up the bear trap my movement, motive, and noise levels go up and get slowed down.

To combat situations like this and in anticipation of the new "Pick up weapons" functionality, an ability to "tab" through the available interactions instead of having to go through all of them by spamming "f."

I'm not a game developer in any way, and the examples and beneficial argument I made may not have been well communicated or effective, but I feel as though after playing this game for a modicum of time this may be a beneficial quality of life change that could not only streamline interaction/ combat encounters, increase skill input and potential during moments of duress, but also lesson frustration during moments of intensity due to a missplay or an "f" spam going too far.

Thank you for your time and consideration :D

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    Yes that problem has to be streamlined somehow. Good idea, but wouldn't that also take an additional button press and therefore more time in a tense situation?
    I think making the area at which you have to aim to trigger the prompt for a certain item has to be reduced first and see if it works that way.

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