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Enable killing Horses

It'd be neat to finish off the almost dead horses.

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Already implemented  ·  Adminjanneke (Admin, Crytek) responded  · 

You have always been able to finish off these horses. Obviously I can imagine it gives conflicted feelings, but I’m sure it’s better off in horse heaven.


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  • theanti commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It'd be neat if you did extremely basic research or experimenting before posting your brainfarts.

  • clint northwood commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Riding horses?

    I thought for a while about the possibilty of riding around horses on the map tho cover ground faster. As kind of classcanon vehicle which can be easily killed by one or 2 rifle shoots of a enemy player out of the distance. Riding around the horse would make alot of noise and attract alot of monsters, maybe even wolfs which are fast enough to catch up to the horse and able to attack it and throw you off while you are riding it.

    But then i thought it would kind of destroy the exploration aspect of the game which is already way to small anyways, because of the implemented pathfinder(darksight) mechanic and player tunnelvision form blue waypoint to blue waypoint without interacting with the map or the creatures on the map alot. And it would make getting to the extraction points and avoiding all the monsters probably way to easy. They could counterbalance that by creating creatures as wolfs which are faster then horses(in the game not in reality) and try to kill the horse and by spawning healthy horses which are not sick or halfway rotten so that you can ride them in only very small randomized amount on the map. But im really not sure if it is really a good idea making horses rideable, there are definately alot of pros and cons to it.

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