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A moving Extraction Point

i got a little idea for you awesome DEVS : maybe a moving extraction like a moving horse and carriage theirs a certain rout it could go and when it stops it shows up in the map where it stops but when its on the move the extraction mark stays in old place so it confuses the players thinking its there, make more a challenge to extract ?

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    but every stop point on it journey is random it never stops in same place eg like it could stop twice places or one place on it journey, think of you have a bounty and you want to get out the go to the extraction point and its moved so your like dam got to find it never mind you know you got people trying to hunt you down while your trying to find out the new location on map when it stops. and for the camper who sit in one position for to long when scoping get like bugs on the glass to interfere you shot or have insects that bit you so it make you sway more that you have to move your position i know its silly idea but cool to bug the **** out of campers lol

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