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Lovecrafteusque Map Ideas


IMO Lovecraft lore is perfectly suitable for the Hunt universe. I was thinking a map with more Urban environments but also a vast and varied underground network (coastal caverns to sewers) to discover.

Apart from the epidemic and undead creatures of the surface new kind of enemies and a boss with strong Lovecraft influence. Points out a bigger plot and source of all those undead and unholy creatures. As long as the hunters are kinda witchers of the Hunt lore i think story wise presenting new unholy threats, enlarging the plot and eliminating them would be a nice thing to see in game. And for such a purpose a coastal city or settlement would be just perfectly fine.

Story and background wise The Hunt has a huge potential to work with. Its just so open to improve the PvE lore background of the game.

Or my second map suggestion,

A north american map with native indian influences (perfectly suitable to present even a new set of Indian hunters).

Main theatre is a mountainous area with a colder climate and grim environmentals enriched with forests and a small mining settlemet at centre. Abandoned mines, hunter cabins and even a timber fort ruin from past would be a nice addition.

Forests pose a serious threat to all hunters. Bears, wolf packs, infested indians. A haunted forest more likely!

For settlements same as the old maps grunts, meatheads and all. And for the abandoned mines cannibalistic and corrupted human survivors with a gory background story to discover. Remnants from the gold rush!

I think as a start epidemic grunts and zombies and corrupted undead mobs and bosses are a great start but adding more supernatural creatures and story elements to lore would be even better.

Wish you all the best Crytek,

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