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The Hunters Hideout (THH) and during events or holidays, The Gathering (TG) would be a sub-menu item under the Play button. THH or TG is the place for hunters or partners to train and become proficient with the various weapons and gear in this game.

The design of THH would be a small map in the woods with a bunch of training areas. The design of TG would be a small town with a raging fair complete with challenges in the form of carvival games and dirty NPCs patroning and operating it. A saloon could also replace the hunt discord channel with a VR chat style unarmed social area for up to 10 hunters.

The Challenges :

* The Coliseum consists of Every type of creep and bounty, in their own fenced off areas. Caged roamers and heavies with top cage gate access. Traps, lanterns, axes, hammers and barracades included.

* Crossbow & Throwing Knife targets.

* Material p e n e t r a t i o n target range.

* Haunted House Stealth mini-game.

* Standard Target Range with range staggard targets for various firearm capabilies. (Pistol, medium and long for s n i p e r)

* Skeet Shooting at TG & Duck Hunting at THH.

* Plinker targets and staggared bottles range at THH. Moving Ducks Carnival Game & Booth Bottles Carnival Game at TG.

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