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I Don't need a various of cheap crossbows, I want one crossbow with various ammo

Since latest annonsment about crossbows prices degree, I thinking that we need a total rework of crossbows system. The crossbows are most situational weapon, where with weapon specialities comes ammo specialities. I mean all cb are close combat weapon that effictivity depends on your stealth, but ammo types bring additional conditions like expl. ammo should not be used in houses, small rooms and etc. Poison ammo means that it is useless against spider and it means that you cannot use one of your weapon for the bosskilling, while meatboss can easy tank explosions. Heavy ammo like exp. means that it's much harder to kill upper targets, like people on roofs.
I want a universal cb with option to take each ammotype to game with customization of amount of types and amount ammo of each type.

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