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The issue with free hunters

tl;dr is at the bottom...

I'm not going to say "remove free hunter" nor "the game is not hardcore anymore". Because this game needs to be more beginner and noob friendly. And free hunter is a step in the right direction however it could have consequences that make this game be just another online fps.

What I want to talk about is the unique way this game is played, especially gunfights. This game achieved to make me(and hopefully others too) feel something I've never felt in a video game. It made me scared of death. And because of that this game is played so much differently than for ex. Battlefield, Blacklight Retribution and prob most of the other fps games out there.

But think about this. If you get in a game, get 3 clues and get into a fight what will you want to do... You take it or not based upon how much value would you risk losing. And even with a T1 hunter you could still lose money based on his price. But with a free hunter you always gain money after getting just clues unless you spend more than 75$ for equip. And dying now generates money and the fear of death is gone. And nobody bothers taking cover and playing tactically.

Simple fix for now: Make T1 hunters cheaper. Range between 50 - 90$. The hunters should have much lower value and you mostly pay for equipment only.And hunter with romero, nagant, spyglass and a useless perk should cost 50$ max.
This way if you die with a hunter after getting 3 clues you wont earn more than you need for a weak vitality shot or a winfield.

Also good thing to mention is that I play never play with T1 hunters. All I want is for new players to stay in the game.

tl;dr: T1 hunters are overpriced and playing with a free one could make the fear of death in this game disappear.

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  • Gomerpilage1 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There still is the fear of death because you die and you're done. You don't get to respawn back in the game over and over with no consequence like over watch or most pvp type shooters. So I understand where you are coming from to a point, but I think it's fine because it's a little softer death penalty for the beginners

  • Boredman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dude the fear of death in this game has disappeared a long time ago - it means nothing, you can lose match after match only collecting a few clues and barely go down in cash - people have 80K - 90K + in this game it is a joke.

    Some players have 3+ k/d the game is so broken they are just trying to slap "new" labels on the same models while there are still gaping holes in it's optimization and fundamental game play - they are just whipping a dead horse for the last bit of cash it is worth by hoping to ****** in a few new players at $30 a pop - this game had great potential and it has been my worst gaming experience to watch them destroy this thing - it started out as a breath of fresh air in the gaming world and now it's just a stale ****

  • kisbiflos commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am not sure what you mean by "free hunters" but I guess you are thinking of the hunter you would get on "quick play." They are not really free, you can not extract in quick play without a bounty. Devs said that only the winner of those games can extract and everyone else loses his hunter. Meaning, that even in this game mode people will have a reason to be cautious.

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