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Developers, hunters, do not listen to individual streamers complaining about shotgun meta, or silly things like making compounds more open to allow for more rifle uses...
Shotguns, in general, are really not that op. Only one shotgun is a bit too good, a5, but the rest are really not. I feel like there was a good balance already with the usage of shotguns and rifles...
Based on your own statistic that you presented to us, do more people use Winfields or shotguns of any type? It’s Winfields. Why buff the Winfields and nerf shotguns? Also, I played the game quite a bit( almost 500 hrs) not as much as some streamers, but truly didn’t run into anybody complaining about shotguns( except a5) Are they really a problem? It seems like there only a few ( 3) very skilled streamers with 1000+ hrs in the game who complain about shotguns... well, to be honest, who cares?

I think the great majority of players don’t have problems with them.. I just feel like the develops are trying too hard to appeal to influencers of this community..

Also some people are saying avtomat is op.. again having 500 hrs in the game, I can reliably say - they are not a problem at all. I do run into them somewhat often( I guess?) maybe one every 3/4 games, but they are really not that op. They are not great Long range at all. At short range a5 is just as good. Maybe decent at medium range. Overall, really far from being op, especially given their price. Avtomat is already barely being used and it’s more of a fun weapon to use when you have too much money. Not a good choice in the first place in my opinion.. why nerf it?

Also some people say weapons should kill with one headshot( no matter what type it is). If it doesn’t - that nerfs experienced players... well it’s another joke. Buy a weapon with less fire rate and kill people all you want with one headshot. Why should a Winfield be as good as mosin or sparks? Why use anything else besides Winfield then? It’s already dominating both low and high ranks.

My point is developers, please relax. You are doing a great job,guys. Don’t listen to individual players. All of these shotgun nerfs are not necessary. Just nerf a5, dotch, and uppercut slightly. Don’t even touch anything else. Also, I know you don’t want people to have infinite money in test sever, but that’s the only way to get people to go there and waste their time, myself included..
overall, just focus on producing new content and promoting the game more. I barely see any ads for it. Don’t really worry about the rest

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  • Bigus. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Guns are fine but the movement promotes camping and posting as the most viable strategy and has made camping way too strong. now that ADAD has been nerfed into the ground, people can no longer quick peek from behind terrain and see who was shooting them in the back and mount counter attack "IF" they are lucky enough to make it to cover. slow predictable peeking makes it too easy to get capped if you peek so people go into camp off mode. people are now straggling in to fight ONLY the last team alive and just take the bounty after the last team is weak. no longer can a skillful player use superior movement and positioning to outplay multiple assailants. now its all about camping and shooting and slows the game down. I never cared about campers before because even though they had better positioning i would be able to outplay them with movement and speed. this made it more fair. now play styles are 1 dimensional and you must play campy to be successful long game.

    a good game is going to let all play styles be represented not simply the slow and methodical. some of us like faster more chaotic game play and 2.5 was the perfect framework for both styles to be represented.

    anyone who complained that they couldn't play around an ADAD spammer simply wasn't experienced enough with the game to know how to outplay them by kiting/repositioning or who simply was poor at leading the target and predicting.

  • bql10 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @CyberWolf Most of the map is open, but most compounds, in which most action is going on and You HAVE TO go into them, are closed.

  • CyberWolf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The game does not encourage close quarters fights, people with no concept of tactics just can't put two and two together and realize running into a hole with a bad guy is a bad idea if you have a ****** rifle. Theres this thing called 'The map" that exists between the clues, the boss lair, and the exits, and most of "The map" Heavily favors rifles above all.

    Shotguns do not need a severe, or really any, kind of nerf. A realistic shotgun's spread could oneshot a person from across a compound, so their current ridiculous spread makes them plenty nerfed already.

  • Dealman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No shotgun is good at medium range, unless you consider 10m medium range.

    I'm a big fan of shotguns, I tend to use them in every game where available. Shotguns in this game are great - but IMO, a bit too great.

    This game very heavily encourages close-quarter fights, they're far far faaaaar more common than long range engagements.

    You go for clues, you go for the bosses - all lead to encounters where the shotguns are very effective.

    They should do a lot of damage, but I don't necessarily think they should be instakill unless you're within like 2-3m.

    As I recall it, they mostly made you bleed before which was good - it add some intensity to the battles.

    Now it's just a matter of whoever lands the first blow as they're 90% of the time a one-hit kill.

    C&K definitely has to be nerfed, Caldwell Rival 78 maybe a bit slower reload.

    The reason people complain about the shotguns though is that people now have noticed that playing this game sneaky is more usually a death sentance. You're far better off just rushing in at full speed as most people won't expect it.

    I'd say instead nerf the Uppercut. Uppercut + Rival 78 is godlike, you excel at all ranges.

  • Player2992 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You read it bro. That’s good enough for me :)

    The game is great man. The only thing I play. I just want to help to improve it

  • Boredman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dude no one reads this **** - get a life, this game has been in the crapper and sinking further ever since 2.1 was announced.

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