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Stop nerfing weapons too much

Please don't make this another CoD or Battlefield game. I play Hunt for the hardcore gameplay, 1-2 shot kills and the very punishing, yet satisfying game. And please stop listening to the community because they're not speaking on everyone's behalf and they're a minority. I don't usually give feedback, I enjoy the game and trust the devs. But for example a cadwell rival shotgun from close range should be able to 1 shot someone or at least 2 shots, and somehow people survive the 2 shots (on target from close range ~5m)

If you plan on nerfing everything at least make a hardcore mode, where it's practically 1 shot to 2 shot kills.

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  • KT_Elwood commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I support the idea of not listening to streamers in questions of gamedesign. Their job is it to provide commentary to their own gameplay to entertain their audience, the fact that they personally struggle with certain elements does not mean they are wrong.

    I do not support suggestions about weapon stats. The damage system offers some depth, even if its not like other"hardcore modes" with insta kills (While still offering 1 Shot weapons right away, but you gotta hit them in the head..). If somebody is bleeding or burning, or suffering from poison you can employ different tactics of engagement.

  • RigPardy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The game still has plenty of 2-body-shot kill weapons. The only one's that don't are the compact ammo-weapons, which are supposed to be used in closer encounters anyway.

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