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Playing solo against teams

I understand that Crytek added the battle royale mode because it is something people want. They are still a company that wants money, and introducing a BR will just raise their net worth and the amount of players. The problem is that when adding more game mode is that they are splitting the already tiny playerbase. The classic mode is perfect as is. The only thing i would recommend is if you're playing solo, you should match with teams with summed elo as high as yours alone. So if you have 520 elo you should get matched with a team of 218 elo and 300 elo. Then the team's combined skill would ideally be as close as possible to yours.

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    Hrmm right now I solo kill teams that are seemingly "ranked higher" because I steal their dolchs and mosins......with my trusty winchester and right now I am just level 35 no prestige 40 hours in the game.

    hunt is much more about tactics and communication than about "aim" and movement.

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