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In game voice

In game voice-chat should be private and have an unlimited range to balance out the 3rd party voice chat issue.

OR you could separate randoms and premade games. Taking out pregame chat in randoms games would greatly lessen the chances of a 3rd party chat program. It would also make randoms, truly random.

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started  ·  AdminRick - " Ic3man2k" (Community Manager, Crytek) responded  · 

We have merged a number of the in-game voice feedback posts together so that we can share our thoughts regarding the decision-making and background in terms of in-game communications and 3rd party VOIP programs.

We knew from the beginning that players would use external comms systems, and when it comes to forcing something like this, there is no way for us – from both a technical and legal standpoint – to control something like this.

There are many different VOIP systems that are used (Discord, Teamspeak, Skype etc.), specifically when it comes to competitive multiplayer gaming, and now, even the major distribution platforms such as Steam offer a built-in voice communication system.

So instead of attempting to reinvent the wheel, we thought about how we can offer an additional layer of communication that suits the game play and supports random teams. The answer to this is 3D positioning and attenuation, so players have to physically stick together too effectively and efficiently communicate.

This opens up a lot of opportunities especially when you can hear others in such a close proximity; Ranging from simply silently monitoring enemy teams, to giving false information and even finding ways to build up pressure on your opponents – a lot is possible. We have even seen peaceful agreements between Hunter teams. To an extent, even the “trolling” aspect can be fun as many teams stay in character and play the role of their Hunter.

We are aware that there is a fine line between trolling and insulting (the internet is a place where good manners are often forgotten) so we have added an option to be able to mute voice comms when you are down/dead. This should help with some of those that use this as an opportunity to cross the line. That being said, we are continuing to listen to your feedback and will our best to minimize the negative experiences that can be encountered. We are confident that we will be able to keep this feature fun as well as a valuable addition by experimenting with gameplay opportunities (luring enemies, etc.) together with our efforts to make the in-game voice chat provide more awareness of the game environment (walls, reverb, etc.).

Thanks again for all the feedback, keep it coming.


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  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Any removal or action of further development "diminishing" or deeming the VOIP as something optional and that supports the idea "gaming is not gaming" ... let's play private, let's play without gaming is an utter shame.

    If you support people that say this, then you are supporting the idea that to play a game is not playing a game.

    gaming entails being with other people. If I have to play a game with this "competitive" feeling of being isolated instead to be in a immersive environment as VOIP and other features of this game allow to do, then you are inflicting damage to gaming and your project instead to shine and create something innovative.

    You are empowering an Impoverishing view of some players that are always isolated in their "competitive prison" and need to win instead to have fun.

    I wanna win too but I wanna do it in a different way, playing a beautiful game that has complex implications. Not playing like I was isolated from others and shooting inanimated characters. I wanna hear people voice, because it's simply amazing.

    You have no idea of what you are doing if you take this out. And you game will be just an average game.

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    YOU NEED TO INCENTIVE THE USE OF VOIP: How? By investing in the use of voip in the game so people will come "down" to use it.
    This is the KEY that you don't wanna use. How to specifically invest in it? Just make AI responsive to our audio\ decibels so that they turn if we speak near them.

    I honestly disagree with Lutinja.
    If we have to allow shallow style of gaming become the Mainstream instead to actually work for quality then what is quality of the game about?

    I wanna play with voip against other people that use voip. Why this "other people superior tools" has to influence the game development.
    I sincerely disagree with this choice ... this is just pushing quality of the game low,
    separating the playerbase.
    Ruining the game development and the objective it can achieve.

    Guardian (below)
    "variety" of language is not a real problem as people generally speak english, basic english and anyway there are regions that actually reduce the "diversity" of servers into very similar speaking types of players...

    There is not a big problem is just that we let the "narrative of people have superior tools to beat others" actually win over the quest of "making the game more fun" and as a result they will divide the player base and actually reduce the game fun quality.

  • Lutinja commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The result of the game having open coms ingame is that it's absolutly impossible to play with randoms. Just think about it, it's absolutly insane that one team has to limit coms and rely on just shooting/audio cues while the other one can do that as well as have a second pair of eyes! They can hide in a corner and be told when someone enters a house, they can line up their shots before firing and much much more. I've tried playing with randoms but every time we just get butchered because we are the only ones using open coms. I get that you want it to be authentic, and I understand that you are defending this point from a developer point of view because it's unique and interesting. But it does not work. Just try playing the game yourselves and count how many matches you run into other people using voice coms ingame? 1 in 10? 1 in 15? and there's never more than 1 pair even then. It's a terrible system, and it causes players without premade to not want to play the game. Sure the "Solo" mode was supposed to fix it, but noone really plays that either. It has very long que times and it's not fun waiting 10 min for a game to only play 5 min and die by the first clue.

    Your game is great, it's alot of fun most of the time. But the problem is that it's ONLY enjoyable with a premade. Which means that most people will refuse to play randoms because of the insane disadvantage (and the game is High Risk as it is), meaning that in the long run you'll hollow out the playerbase and have a hard time inviting in new players, which in turn will cause an issue with any proposed or suggested MMR system. Please, i beg you, fix this.

  • MD3ad commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    we are aware of the major benefit of premades so instead of helping randoms, we made a system that puts them in an even tougher spot :D

  • Guardian047 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like the voice chat system the way it is now.

    The 2 biggest problems I'm seeing at the moment are:
    - premades using external communication
    - the variety of countries and languages that play the game

    The first could be fixed by splitting random and premade teams.
    The second could be fixed by adding "Voice Commands" for general actions. That way each player will hear / read it in his / her own language (obviously nearby enemy hunters should be able to hear it as well)

  • indiebob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you really can't be bothered, why not at least allow people to connect via steam voice chat or discord or whatever from within the game? What about console owners? Players with other devices can chat easily, no so much console 'purists'.

  • indiebob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Anyone who thinks you can somehow detect third party chat programs ... how are you going to scan my phone, buddy?

  • indiebob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Players may not have radio but they do have magic powers which allow them to see through walls, banish demons etc and injections which cure gunshot wounds instantaneously. Is it so out of the question they might have some sort of mental link to their team mate? You could even put "telepathy" through a slight reverb type effect to make it sound 'otherworldly'.

  • Crimms commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why do you want randoms to be more random? Wouldn't it be more helpful if you knew what you were getting into.

  • Bersy83 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A whisper option whould be nice. Let my voice carry 1-1.5m far so that I can talk to my random teammate without giving my position away to the whole area.

  • BrickWalker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely not. That's one of the best things in the game, to listen to the enemy adds a lot of depth and makes the game more "realistic".

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No. The players don't have radio. 1880 is the time of telegraphs, we are playing a game, yes right, but if u make voip like a team speak 3rd party audio tool u ruin the game. Please make the voip instead more accurate. If I use tot decibel my decibel do make an effect depending players distances.

    If I shout and a player is at 1 meter he\she is really gonna hear me SHOUT strong.
    If I shout and a player is at 50 meters, he's gonna hear something strong bust still very distant depending if it's indoor or outdoor.

    Do keep the realism, dnt make us "wear walkie talkies" we dnt have that. We are not telepathic magical hunters.

    Unless u wanna give us that. Like a "voice modifier" effect that allows us (if one has the trait) to choose a voice effect (or different voice depending from the character model.

    And from that.. just speak with that 0 to 50 meters shout wishper more accurate audio and in case it's distant just allow us to use DARK SIGHT and then speak so that our mate can actually hear us but in a strange way... like we are speaking in a "4th dimension"... Telepathically.

    Ok.. U got a bunch of ideas here. You surely know what you can do.
    Dark sight mode is one of those many things in your game that can feature so many improvements and gives windows of opportuniteis to stuff like that or just like the "revenge contract" change to follow the steps as suggested in another idea...

    Anyway I am gonna stop here.

    Avoid comparing voip to third party tools.. It has nothing to do with that. That is like unimmersive \ mechanical flat FPS gameplay experience. Hunt Showdown is not a commercial FPS, nor mechanical.

  • Payn3 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I usually play with a friend, and as we do in other games we use discord or teamspeak. Having to use global voip to communicate with people I randomly team up with puts the that team at a huge disadvantage, and eliminates the use of tactics you can use. I can't say I'll flank left if the team I'm engaging can hear that. I also think it would add to people meeting new players to add to their steam friends if they could actually talk in the game instead of being afraid to give away their position. Having 2 options on local and one teammate only would put paring up with randoms on an equally playing field and which I think would also help the community develop as you can talk to other players without being easily targeted.

  • Valyus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think, in my own humble opinion. Is you need to decrease the sound through walls and underground. If not, decrease the volume in which other players can hear you.

    I find it funny that people try to whisper in the game even though I can hear them just fine when I'm facing them. Perhaps add in something where if you do whisper (voice output threshold) then it should sound quieter. I can't imagine what it would be like to implement something that like but it would be step in the right direction.

    Say if you're talking quietly just barely breaking the threshold to talk (aka what your mic picks up) then it should be quieter in game so not to give away your position. From a technical aspect I doubt something like that could be implemented. That's why I suggest to just lower the volume or make it more distant for enemies so they can't hear someone talking normally 30 meters away.

  • Maeda commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'll have to disagree fully on that one, It's intended and it's fun... I wish I could anti-vote this one.

    For privacy people use side applications like Discord or Steam call, It only adds to the atmosphere within the game.

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely disagree that the voice should be private. It would destroy the whole sense of the game. There are other ideas that can actually bring the game to stay in the rail it is which are pretty good.
    I would love to be refunded if the game actually hype baited us to a hardcore tactical game and then become another FPS.
    I hope this extrema ratio will not have to be used.

    I really think that you are consciously not reading the ideas to actually enpower the use of public \ realistic audio in the game. Which actually have more votes than this idea...

    Anyway... This is serious stuff because it's not just about competition: it's about the meaning and value of the game design. I have fluency in these cultural design things. I know what I am saying. I know it costs for a business to do these things, I have also proficiency in business administration of cultural institutions profit and non profit. I know it's hard. U will have to take decisions. I dnt like that you take away from immersion what this game testing so far has allowed us to live.

    If u pull the trigger over the immersion just for the sake of simple competition and basic FPS player base not to progress the game community with a serious project then I will pull away my support.

    I hope again that the conversation has just started.

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    regarding the answer... I really dont' understand why people think that friends will use the external audio to play and not the voip. Like people packed together just wanna win and don't care of game immersion?

    This is a huge wrong assumption Devs\Communication team.

    I actually do ask players to play with me in Voip. Why you wawnna push away those that are passionate for the creature you generated (Hunt Showdown)? Why?

    Iceman: This is not only about random teams, or casual "not pro" players, not hardcore gamers... It's actually about them too. This is not about casual playing. this is a big error. I appreciate what you wrote and all the topics touched by your message.

    I really dnt like that this thing is being under rated like this. Like VOIP was not the way one could play this game competitively? You clearly state that it can be too with tricks we can do... (but even besides them!) it's just fun immersive team play and punishing if one communicates too much and wrongly.

    But... Please... do consider Rewards, do consider this type of passionate gamers. I posted many ideas on this and there are actually like some as "Make AI respond to microphone input" and similar title with the same idea and other indirectly connected. Those can be reasons that make players move to in game voip.

    Can your server sustain that?

    Don't get rid of Voip because your servers can't handle it and pretend it is because this way to play is "just" for casual players\ the randoms. Because it's not.

    Thank you and sorry for all the passion I put in this testing phase.

  • d10sk0ur01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Lord ektor saying that noobs play with Voip is incredible...
    I am a pro of this game and I play with voip because I like immersion, simulation and hard core. I do not play for winning for the sake of winning. I play to do great things. It's not try hard! This is a different philosophy that many actually have. It's like Reenactment lovers. Why you should reenact world war? For many reasons. One is also becuase you love or kinda find relaxing and cool immersion and projection in another world and especially team work. Reenactment has a lot OF THAT!

    This game is not reenactment. it's surely a team based game.
    I do not like to compete with silent playrrs. I am a human of the old era of internet I have seen many things from mobile coming from else. and I am not alone. I want to play hardcore this game. Respect me and many many others. allow me to scare people, and also enable a new era of FPS where I can even use the voip to interact with NPC (not talking to them...lel) but using them and luring them TACTICALLY maybe evem screaming.. covering my steps.

    I dnt wanna play and I will never play this game with a third party tool never use other hacking external tools that I dnt like, like sound radar, enahced virtual audio, reshade stuff to see more than others. I play the game.. NOT OUTSIDE IT. I live in that world and I wanna compete in that way.

    If u wanna compete differently it's you in your way. If u wanna compete with that advantage and me with my advantage to "cover my steps" with my voice whatever...

    Devs should definitely NOT SEPARATE the player base (in the future)
    at the moment we are just testing.

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