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Can you implement a mode where open mic is just on?

The in game voice is great, it's realistic and honestly my best experiences with the game have been with other players using in game voice.

I queue the game with a friend and we are so vehemently against using Discord to gain an edge. It basically results in us losing a ton of games, but when we do encounter other in game voice users it's the best. The gun fights are more intense, the camping more real, it's just over all better.

I get it that other games have in game voice for randos and they give you an option for team based voice. But re-invent the wheel here, just make open mic an unchangeable setting. No push to talk, even if they're using 3rd party voice they're still getting boned.

You can probably still get around it, but just create a separate queue and allow us to report users using 3rd party VOIP. Call it an RP server or whatever, I want that experience in The Hunt and honestly the official response of "oh just use 3rd party and use the in game to troll/give false information" is ********.

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  • sonobeno commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A separate server for this would be great. As newbies under rank 16 my buddy and I are still using stream voice chat, as we are still learning the game and want to talk about things we see and learn. Once we are more well versed in the game we'd both like to switch to in game voice as it way more immersive and as such would seek out servers that enforce this mode.

  • Axe Garian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would be ok with this if we could choose whether or not to play in this Mode, so both Camps can play their way while playing with others in the same Camp.

  • TrinityMadness commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally get why you're asking for a permanent open mic feature. The problem with that is it would ***** anyone with background sounds going on. Can't tell you how many times I've had to turn off my mic because kids were playing too loud or one of the neighbors decided to mow their lawn while I was gaming. Ignoring the fact that noise pollution is annoying in any game, these extra noises can put your character at risk by messing up that ambush you were about to set or just make you a walking target. I get that you feel using the in-game mic would be more fun if everyone was using it, but it's just not practical.

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