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Update 3.0 "Improved Audio" failed badly imo

It sais it should now be easier to identify sound sources. But it got way worse. Before update 3.0 for me it was a really good audio scenery. I can't tell the distance of footsteps and gunshots anymore. It's like at 50m distance their sound stays as loud as at 5m. Really annoying. I like everything about the new update but the "adjusted" sounds should be reset to their state before the 3.0 ptach imo. It is gambling every time you try to figure out whether or not your enemy is moving near you. Same with shots. Sounds like the farm in front of you but it could be the end of the map. Can't tell the difference.
Please bring back the old (pre 3.0) audio mix.

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  • kelekolio commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree with you. Everything is totally bogus and I am so disoriented that I can't even tell if someone is on my left or right. front or back. I started to figure it out but when you're in a firefight and/or running from AI.. The audio is all completely opposite in relation to what you hear, and is just ridiculous. It NEEDS to be PUT BACK the way it was. I use to be able to tell how far gunshots were, and where hunters and monsters were in relation to there audio footsteps and noises.. Now? just bogus. when someone is behind you catching up to you it sounds like they're running toward you.. and on and on..Please fix this.

  • Grizzlykuma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    have the same issue, the sound has become totally disoriented. most of the time even har to tell if the sound comes from the left or the right.

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