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Bunny Hopping not fixed, still over the top absurd.

Hunt is a tactical shooter that leans heavily towards realism...yet hunters have super bionic kangaroo legs equipped with midair stabilizers. The very minor test server nerf has done nothing for bunny hopping. In reality If a person fires a gun while in the air or gets shot in the air they will most likely end up flat down in the dirt with the wind knocked out of them, or at the very least staggering heavily in one spot from being extremely off balance. Also the idea that hunter maintains maximum forward speed while "high jumping" is beyond absurd. Even an Olympic hurdler does not maintain speed when high jumping, legs would also give out. Its so absurd that we might as well include Hollywood ninja dashing for melee attacks. If you like bunny hopping, that's fine...but go play an arcade shooter where it makes sense like Overwatch.

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    How is this seriously an issue? Your hunter jumps all of a whopping 3-6 inches off the ground and the momentum doesn't really continue very well when you do this. I fail to see how this is seriously giving anyone a competitive edge in this game. If this was fortnite I would understand but you do not jump very high nor very far in this game.

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