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Carrying a downed partner to extraction

One problem I have is that when my partner dies, even with a burned body, he's spectating me with no real skin in the game. No reason to spectate, nothing to gain, just spectating until we can start our next match.

What I think would be good to keep spectating partners involved in the game is the ability to pick up my partner's body and extract with him.

I'd have to carry him out, I'd move at half speed, and I could only use a pistol. But if I extract him out, he keeps his hunter. The hunter would be in his hunter list, but only with a single small health bar, so he'd have to invest points to get his health back.

My partner then at least still feels "in" the game while spectating. Furthermore, it adds more difficult decisions to make within Hunt. Do I attempt to save my partner? Do I extract solo?

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  • Bearolord commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A burned hunter should be completely dead. Thats its own issue game-play wise, with nothing but altruistic rage to counter it.

    Now I think taking the corpse could give a bonus to both players post-match. Perhaps the player with the dead hunter gets a small amount of money or a special accolade appears.

  • Grimmreaperme commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do not think this should go in the game because then no one would fear loosing their hunter ever. They would go down, get set on fire and think: "meh, my partner can just save me." If you feel bad that your partner is dead and just spectating you, then you have two options, leave and get to starting the next match with them or keep going so they can maybe watch and learn. I have no issues if I die watching my partner keep going...or just leaving and starting a new match if it was a rando.

  • Player2992 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @Phottor, with all due respect your idea is ridiculous. Downed hunters "feeling" the presence of other enemy hunters and alerting the teammate? This is probably even more dumb than the original post.

  • Gormorghem commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think you should be able to carry your teammates even when not fully down. So you can make a risky move and move your partner so that they can't burn him before you have received or dealt with the other hunters.

  • Phottor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I absolutely support your idea, but i personally would adjust the following things:

    As some people already commented, i think this feature shouldn't be about a "reason to spectate", but more about the gameplay aspect. This system would especially come in handy in the scenario, that my partner gets killed, they instantly put a lantern on him and after he's burned out, i manage to incapacitate the two enemies. Because at the moment that's a lose-lose situation for both teams. I'm not the kind of player, who wants the game to be easier or something, but after this scenario, i think it should be a valid choice to take care of your mate and carry him to the extraction, although it's not very much that is to save (i really like the idea of 1 small HP bar, maybe the enemies also took his guns, so his basically doomed, but at least the hunter is alive).

    After burning an enemy player, you wouldn't even have to worry because "he's not permanently dead", because he'd never come alive again IN THIS ROUND. After his teammate picked him up and carried him to an extraction point, he'd be usable again with his small HP bar, but that's not yours to worry about.

    At the moment players with permanently dead teammates have two options: either they run to an extraction point or they go yolo and try to revenge your partner or go for the bounty accepting the risk of being solo. This would create a third gameplay option, by picking up your partner and carry him (slowly and extremly risky!) to the extraction point.

    Someone already mentioned the problem of body camping, but this could be resolved with a small feature which is already kind of in this game. You remember the extraction horses going crazy or the extraction ship letting of some steam, to remind you of another teams presence (actually it's a pretty big radius)? The effect could be the same on a totally burned player. He could somewhat feel the enemies presence and therefore warn the living partner not to go into the trap. So now the enemies have two options after killing your partner: not burn him, risking a revive, but having the possibility to set a trap without me knowing or burn him, basically killing the hunter but making body camping impossible, because the dead hunter (and his partner) will know you're around as long as you are near him.

    Although - as already proposed by some users - there could be nice tools and perks added to support the "carrying part". There could be two major movement methods for carrying your partner: 1) just lay him ontop of your left shoulder, allowing you to hold a small weapon in your right, while moving at maybe 50% or 60% of your normal speed. 2) take him across both your shoulders, using both arms to hold him in position, allowing you to run as fast as normal (getting exhausted really quickly) but with no option to hold an item in your hand. The movement speed or weapon size while carrying someone could be increased with two different perks. Although there could be tool as the rope, to attach your partners feet to your hip, allowing you to walk with maybe 40% or 50% of your normal speed while dragging him behind you, but enabling you to use your weapons as normal, because you have both hands free. This could also lead to some interesting gameplay options, because both the pickup option and the rope option could take some time (maybe rope is faster) and you could pull your partner out of the open, to try and revive him or something.

    Feel free to leave your opinions! :) I hope my ideas are not too crazy, maybe i could give some improvement to the general idea of carrying your partner.

    Thank you!

  • ProKahuna commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i am sort of 50/50 on this,

    i just feel as though a hunter is never going to be actually "dead"
    although it does sound pretty handy to be able to get out with all your traits

    my suggestion would be to make it a trait to be able to be picked up
    or pick up a player that currently can be revived to move them to a safer spot to revive..

    it just feels as though your player is "knocked out" rather than dead after being shot, dynamited and burnt.

  • p47hfind3r commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Alternatively, because it seems there's a lot of people who are on one side or the other, I would suggest this instead...

    If you're partner dies for good....ie, can't be revived, you can return to the body and pick up his gear. Upon extraction, your partner gets whatever gear was left on his body, but still loses his hunter.

    Hunters can still loot the body, and stuff they take is lost from his gear...so if someone loots a fire bomb and takes his rifle, even if you grab your partner's gear, he will be missing those items. So you still get punished for dying, but it can be lessened if your partner is able to recover your gear.

  • BitterLoD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think this is a cool idea. I wonder why a KILL vs DEATH is the same... i mean if my partner brings me back to life i think it SHOULDNT count as a kill.

  • Lesrah commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What a great idea, this was clearly well thought out. Apart from people starting to camp bodies for 20 minutes because there is no real way to kill someone, but lets forget about that, this is a very good idea. Soo your partner is bored waiting for you to end the game. Let's make him wait double the time while u carry his body at half speed, trying to finish the game and then extract him. That will be exciting. Waiting that much time for probably both of u to die. Pure genius, i wish i was this smart. If your partner is bored of waiting, just extract yourself and go play the next game. You don't even have to move at half speed!!! What a perk! What a buff. So op! Don't abuse the extract after he dies or they will nerf this and make u run at half speed when one of the team members die.

  • Boredman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    They are never going to implement this as it would cost them real effort to make this change - slightly modify with a few already existing weapon models, sure, set everyone's graphics to low settings and call it an "update", perfect, but lordy lordy we don't want no real change around here we gon ride this pony into the ground while we sell out to become just another fortnite game

  • Lt.Gian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    that makes sense because it give the player a choice to leave himself exposed to save his partner or leave with a better guarantee of safety. My first question would be : are you allowed to pull out a pistol while carrying your partner. my second question is : if you are going to pick him up why not just revive him it sort of makes no sense

  • Player2992 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ppl can’t ******* read.. so many comments saying this won’t work because people will carry each other after being downed and then revive in a save situation. The author suggests only being able to carry a completely dead/burned hunter to an extraction to incentivize a reason to spectate... which is a horrible idea.

    Completely stupid and ******** idea. It might increase passive playstyle and camping. Also, as I said earlier, how often do you get completely killed/burned while your partner is alive? Almost never...

    IF your partner is burned to ****, it only means that you were out of position to save him or you didn’t risk to... which is how the game is supposed to work.. risk/reward, being out of a position, coordinating with you partner, deciding whether to attempt to risk and save him during burning.. all of that

    why even try burning if you know the dead body can still be picked up..

    Also why would you want to incentivize spectating over starting a new game in the first place? Longer Qs? My main partner will always spectate me no matter what. However, I don’t want a random guy to waste his time trying to think I might pick him up..

    Anyway, this will never get implemented..

    Why the **** dumb **** like this and vampires get upvoted so much over decent ideas.. there must be a better way to leave feedback.

    Developers, implement surveys over this upvoting mechanism pls!!

  • HITHAWD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Very very cool idea, please add this. Then you can add perks for this like: perk that allows you to carry a dead partner at normal speed or a perk that allows you to attach a dead partner to you, dragging him behind you at half speed but allowing your hands to be free for normal activity. Both perks work together to allow you to get him out with no change to your gameplay.

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