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I have seen a similar post to fix the SA servers but i'm going put out my point of view .
I will leave a list of problem with SA Servers .

Problems :
- Desynn .
- High Ms (for some players).
- No Hit Registration.
- Only 2 bounty options .
- Most common weather nigth and mist .
- Stream Snipers on SA servers .

It's not the first time that i hit a player or Boss and you can see the blood coming out but you dont get any hit reg and theres other times that your aim is on top of the player but theres no blood nor hit mark .

I know how the bounty system works .. if theres alot of players there will be more contracts available . SA took a great hit one players giving up on hunt .. because of bad optimization and other causes .. and you can see that because the day SA launch there were at least 3 contracts" random , and some double bounty or 1 bounty" now theres only random and solos witch brings me to the stream snipers and i have talk it to @Mathex319 who is a mod on your discord and he sayd that we need to contact twitch but to resolve that problem but we are aware of twitch policies but it would be nice if crytek could create a " streamer mode " because like i said in SA you only have 2 Contracts random and solo and even with delay its easy to stream snipe. So i have a question to you crytek dosent stream snipe goes againts the " hunt showdown code of conduct " ? .

And the other think besides the desync and no hit regr is the weather it would be nice to have sunny days on random and i know " its the system who does that and not us" but i dont understand you can get more day time bounty in US Est random then SA ... I would say its 50% mist and 45% night and 5% day time bounty ... its almost rare to have a day time contract on random . So my solution is either change the random contrats or give us at least 1 more contrats thats daylight .. Thank You for reading this Crytek and pls Fix SA Servers .

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  • pedroyan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There is literally nothing the devs can do about stream sniping, so my vote on this issue is not due to that. You can, however, increase the delay on your stream or not stream at all.

    Now the real issue here is the SA servers. I just bought the game today and didn't have a chance to play it yet, but, based on other comments of my fellow brazillians, the quality of thoses servers concerns me.

    I know as developers you need to make a smart decision on where to increase the servers capacity (they dont come cheap) but don't make the same mistake Xaviant did with The Culling! They were expecting the SA player count to reach a "critical mass" before investing in servers down here, but how's a competitive game going to achive those numbers if players aren't given a viable environment to compete? It's is no surprise the SA playerbase died or that game (followed by the rest of the world due to other poor decisions)

    Maybe the extra costs are worth it considering how the conversion rates of this game would increase for players in the region. You never get a secons chance to cause a first impression.

    Last but not least, the game is really unique and has great potential to grow a healthy playerbase, but just like any other product requiring a big user base to thrive, the game also need bigger investments in the beginning aiming at increasing conversation rates. Some good examples of this strategy playing out is the financial unicorn NuBank and Uber. Try to picture this as a replacement for a market budget, since the awesome experience already market itself ;)

  • typemark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    and please fix the solo mode bug,. we are not able to play that. Always when try to launch the game in solo mode it gets back to the main menu screen

  • kisbiflos commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The first 3 problems you mention have the same cause.
    How exactly do you expect them to eliminate stream snipers?

  • guiavena commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just going to say stream sniping doesn't go against Hunt's Code of Conduct (no matter how you read it, there's absolutely nothing in the CoC mentioning stream sniping). It's also just not possible to accurately prove people are stream sniping, which could end up in unjust penalties to innocent people. If you don't like stream sniping, increase your stream delay (I'm not defending snipers, I'm just telling how it works in reality).

    That being said, I do agree with this post. Night and Mist are way too common (I have no idea why, since no one asked for it, so it's probably a bug). And I can understand why they would remove contract options (like you said, due to lack of a big enough player population), but I'd still prefer there being a static contract, like before.

    Leaving my like here :)

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