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Rejoining Option for those who lag out or when game crashes

Picture this, You spent 45 mins with a ally(friend) killing 2 or 3 teams of players, clearing most of the map and killing both bosses. Your game suddenly crashes to desktop or you lose internet for any number of reasons.

This situation comes up often enough where a real rejoin option needs to be put in. The game detects you losing connection and your guy sits there and you have 5-10 mins to reconnect and if you do you pick up where you left off. Time passes, but you get a chance finish the match.

The current way things is ok, but at least half the time you end up feeling cheated that the past 10, 20 or more time has basically nothing to show for. MechWarrior Online has a function like what I imagine for hunt. Perhaps that be somewhere to start. For players that are putting a good bit of time into this game, I feel like this is a top of the list thing to be added.

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