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The spyglass and electric lamp need improvement.

I think all options provided to players should have some use, and right now the weaker tools are lacking in that department.

The spyglass has a cracked lense, can't zoom, and provides a poor field of vision compared to ironsights. If the lense were higher quality, had a two stage zoom, and was just generally larger/clearer on the screen or had some improved field of view features, it might see some non-comical use.

Same could be said for the electric lamp. If it had some improved features like maybe the ability to interfere with player vision at night, or maybe PvE interactions at night (it could spook dogs, for example) it would also have a better chance of seeing circumstantial use.

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    I think that the weaker items and abilities are reflective of poor balancing or wisdom in a game. There should never be any "trap" choices for many reasons. First off, if there is already in game assets for a particular item, it is wasteful to ignore potential to create more interesting and varied gameplay. Secondly, it is highly frustrating for a player to be using inferior equipment in a pvp game under any circumstance. You're also most likely to frustrate your rookie players which are the ones you want to focus on keeping for growth. Third, gaming veterans are going to see the lack of consideration as being possibly indicative of other problems.

    Fourth, fix it ******. This game is amazing but these little flaws are akin to going to a restaurant and seeing dirt swept into the corner.

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